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Thread: how do you feel about 4th wall breaking in a fan mission?

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    how do you feel about 4th wall breaking in a fan mission?

    i personal love when the 4th wall is broken on a mission,makes me feel more connected to a mission

    something else i love in a mission is, when non connected missions have something in other missions to connect them in a non story line way,not affecting missions,but someone who has played all the missions would spot and make that connection

    a great example is the glass cutter guild,i found at least 2-3 missions that had a connection to them but only one of the missions it was story line based,the other 2 just had something random in mission of them,not part of story line,from what i remember one was a secret room and when you enter there sound effect triggers making it even more mysterious of a find,and other mission if i remember right had there stained glass logo and that pencil thing

    how do you all feel about 4th wall breaking /adding elements from other missions not connected to one you playing

    also seeing real painting in a thief game get me very happy,but of course no more then one copy of each :P

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    >4th wall

    What is it?

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    4th wall - Communicating directly to the player rather than the in game character, similar to when movie characters like Deadpool talk directly to the audience

    My one and only mission is guilty of this

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    Depends on how well it fits the mission. If the mission is very serious, and all of a sudden there’s a fourth wall breaking joke, that will feel very out of place/jarring.

    If the mission is a little lighter, it can often fit very well. I especially enjoy fourth wall breaking Easter egg scrolls in hard to reach places—it feels like a respectful reward given from the author to the determined player.

    I’ve actually been playing around with a FM idea in which passing in and out through that fourth wall plays a vital game play role in allowing progression. Basically, the mission can not be beaten by Garrett, unless the player fully appreciates the difference between the player and the character. That’s all I’ll say on that for now

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    i would love to see a mission done in a matrix 1/tron/ 4th wall break with a twist by also having the end of the road from thirteenth floor movie with the lay out from that 1930's type fan mission that was done

    gorts most recent set of missions the ending was omg wow in the movie theater

    dont get me wrong i love a pure thief story line also

    i also feel thief should have done what assassins creed did with the simulation idea in there story line,by having some parts of mission showing 4th wall breaks in the simulation it self/etc

    tron is my fav movie series 1983 version and somewhat more recent one,but oringal one was a bit better due to a amazing color palette, just look at the banned scene from tron 1

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    I do believe your refering to Yandros DCE or Deaths Cold Embrace. Yes I like that bit at the end. Did you also see garrett sneaking around as you walked to your car?

    If you like 4th wall then you would also like the Nameless Mod for Deus Ex as it has a huge one if you find the special secret areas in the mod. I actually like 4th wall myself and the tron movies too. I have seen it in a few thief missions and agree if its done right it can be great.
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    yep sting i seen it,and yes its amazing

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    I don't mind the 4th wall in easter eggs, like notes to you for climbing into places you're not supposed to be.

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