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Thread: The City Free Roam? (Is it possible?)

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    The City Free Roam? (Is it possible?)


    I am a long time Thief fan, but brand new here to the forums, and more or less brand new to FM's. I have absolutely no experience using "dromed" or any level creation software of any kind.

    I have however read on forums and seen in videos online, that you can open original maps made for thief 1 and 2 (eg. The Sword, Life of the Party etc..) in dromed, and edit them as you like.

    It got me to thinking has anyone ever tried, open these maps, somehow copy the contents and putting them all together in one large continuous map, using all the area's available in both Thief 1 and 2, and try to make a free roam "City" based on the paper maps of "the city" layout available in games?

    Or is it even feasible? Is there some kind of memory limitations, or size limit that you can make maps in dromed?

    I understand that if it is feasible, it would require a huge amount of work, but I think it could be interesting if possible, to experience an entire free roam version of The City in Thief, as the level design is sublime!

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    It's possible to jump in missions using a kdscript. But I doubt anyone will do it
    1. Legal aspects
    2. You can already play the missions, so it's rather boring.
    3. Limitations, even with NewDark if missions are connected.
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    You probably could not fit all the missions in either T1 or T2 into the space limits of the Dark Engine, i.e. (-1000,-1000,-1000) to (1000,1000,1000). And even if you could, you would surely hit the cell limit before getting them all ported into a single map.

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