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Thread: Dromed latest version for Thief 1/Gold

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    Dromed latest version for Thief 1/Gold

    I'm using Dromed version 1.37 for Thief 1/Gold. Is my version up to date or is there a newer version available for download? If not, 1.37 is not too bad, just curious If a new update has been released.

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    The new DromEd version for TG is NewDark DromEd 1.26.

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    *squints eyes and double checks whether the post really is from 2019, and not 1999* woah.

    see the TFix sticky on how to properly install T1/TG NewDark Dromed.

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    Ok, thank you. I see, I'm using version 1.26 for Thief 2, but I can also use this latest version for Thief 1/Gold as well. Weird, I have both 1.37 and 1.26 installed. I should probably replace Dromed 1.37 with 1.26 in my Thief Gold directory. So, both Thief Gold and Thief 2 have the same version 1.26 in Dromed. It's very confusing to have 2 different versions of the same editor.
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