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Thread: "Patriot" - T2 campaign (May 2019)

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    "Patriot" - T2 campaign (May 2019)

    It's time to begin.

    The campaign, which was in development since 2008, is ready now. And you are about to find out what happened after the end of TDS events. You adventure will not be too short - the campaign contains 11 missions.
    Download here (file is about 2Gb). It's base English version. New Dark Loader and FM Selector compartible. Old Dark Loader is not supported.
    You have to read ReadMe file before you start playing.
    Italian translation and some other information is available on this page:
    I want to thank everybody who helped me to progress and finish. The full list you can see in final titles, it's too long for this post. You've made it possible. I doubt we could finish today without your great contribution.
    Well, get ready to meet Garrett again. I'm sorry if you don't recognize him. War doesn't make people any better.
    All coincidences are intentional.

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    Amg I can't wait to play this campaign! Thank you so much Zontik! I'll start diving into these missions after my finals

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    Congrats on the release! Enjoy!

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    Wow! It is finished! Congratulations!

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    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your hard work

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    OMG it's been released.

    I've have so been looking forward to this for such a long time. Thank you Zontik this is going to be such a experience.

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    Congratulations on the release Yuri, looking forward to play this one

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    In many countries we have a public holiday tomorrow.

    You know what that means...

    Thank you for this "perfect timing"!

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    Woot! Great news Zontik.

    Really looking forward to this.

    Congratulations and thanks to you and the whole team for all the hard work.

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    In many countries we have a public holiday tomorrow.
    In Germany too? I'm surprised.

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    Если и есть какой-то праздник на завтра, то это игра в "Патриота". Спасибо!

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    perfect timing,downloading it now,congrats on release

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    I'm shocked. This is an incredible project! I will play all night until I fall out of my chair exhausted!

    The same atmosphere from Rocksbourg in the first mission. It is divine!

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    Зонтик, спасибо за твой труд!!! Самая крутая кампания

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    OMG. It's out already.
    I was waiting for a new test of the whole campaign. I'm sorry I've not been a great help to you Zontik.

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Wow can't wait to play!!!!

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    OK, I'll admit to bursting out laughing in mission 2: "Why has the music suddenly switched to 'The Race'? OH SHI-"

    I still don't think I solved the floodgate house entry in mission 1 the right way: I ended up mantling onto a street lamp, breaking the window with an arrow, the doing a flying leap to frob the switch that opens the gate below

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    congrats on release, downloading it now, I needed some new stuff!!!
    Thank you so much for your work!!!!!!

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    The quantity of qualitatively realized ideas in this campaign shakes all imagination.

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    Location: USA

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    over all i am super impressed with these missions,amazing job zontik

    one day when i get a better comp i can play entire thing with out lag and not have to skip a few missions

    i hope someone can please do a complete walkthrough on expert of these missions on youtube so i can see what things i missed and was not able to figure out

    my fav 5 missions i was able to play were mission 1,2,3,detective and last level,till after wire i got stuck after that where you had to out run the bots till they die then run to lock try t opick it before more guys come after you,i was screw this,just cause i hate the forced running/battling
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    Oh hell yeah I just stumbled upon this thread!! I don't know where I've been these last several days?? (R.L. I guess), but I know what I'll be doing this weekend!!!!

    Thank you Zontik for all of your hard work and having the reserve to finish this!

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    Perhaps there should be a seperate thread for each mission.

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