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Thread: "Patriot" - T2 campaign (May 2019)

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    For some people, Darkloader still runs fine. For others (like me), it doesn't.

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    I think it's because of ZIP file size and maybe depends on your operating system. Size is over 2 Gb, old OS + old loaders can't handle it. I've got XP, DarkLoader can't install the campaing, New Dark Loader can't even start itself, FMselector works fine.

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    I've finished the campaign some time ago. I can say it was a good job, congrats on that!

    I'd like to share my thought opinion about the missions (may contain spoilers about the story, etc.)
    Note: Played it all on expert.
    Mission 1: This was a fine mission. I had some difficulties finding some of the switches, most notably the one in the basement, but I could do it all on my own. The map was helpful finding a large portion of the required loot, but most of it was quite possible to find/guess out whatever.
    The fighting people were quite annoying, since the fight seemed kind of everlasting, also Garrett was the top priority target for both parties which I found kinda stupid.
    Overall good mission, the map was helpful, finding important things was a bit difficult but doable.

    Mission 2: Absolutely fun mission. And the ambient music was great. In the final chase it felt VERY uncomfortable but probably it just mean it's well done.

    Mission 3: Nice mission, liked the ways of entering and leaving.
    Though the objective of don't causing alarm or whatever which was randomly cancelled at some point made me a bit annoyed. But everything was nicely build up and ghosting was finely possible on 99% of the mission.

    Mission 4: Again a well done mission. Victoria's part was quite straightforward.
    Garrett's part was also OK. What was easily missed is the entry point, I failed to find that, instead somehow managed to descend down next to the tunnel without breaking my neck. That darkness in the mines was a good feature of this mission. The only thing what was really difficult was to find that scroll about the location of the explosives. Also had no idea if there was any way to ignite the charges other than a fire arrow. Fortunately I had 2 of them.

    Mission 5: This is the point where my troubles started.
    Basically the mission was also nicely done, but pathfinding was a mess. Sometimes I did it via some unconvetional ways - though it might be meant to be done so. But what really annoyed me was the fact, that to reach certain places I had to like walk around half of the map, passing like 10 fake doors which would be leading to some already explored part of the mission. Also the same problem with the secret armory, where the only way in was that hour-long trip with that transporter machine.
    Also the fifth bomb was ridiculous. I was running in circles before checking the spoilers to realise I miss a random container, and where is it eventually, also no hints, nothing, though I figured out the rest of it before finding that container. That could've been done far more easily I think

    Mission 6: Now this mission was the nadir.
    The bushes around the place made such a texture overflow, the game ridiculously slowed them if I was looking at them from close. Also the ways to leave at all the first area was like... whatthe?
    I couldn't even leave the starting area on my own, wasting a lot of time and looking around what the taff I missed. Nevertheless after I could leave that place it still went unwell. The last thing I could do was finding that pauldron of course, but that was just so random.
    "Find a way thru' the quicksands, so you walk to the way through the quicksands to find the major's pauldron just right there.

    Also the "dark forest" stuff misled me. I thought the dark forest is the area with the spider-like bugs and toxic mushroom, but turned out that area is just completely useless I haven't ever found anything useful there, and reached that place from the shores, so circumvented the only possible way.

    After I've found my way up to shame it was light and straightforward, but I really felt pity for her and found the way Garrett acted so much not of him, just like murdering a probably innocent person without a second thought.

    Mission 7: I felt, I'm back to the track in this mission. Though it was really confusing, that there was no map - seems like I didn't find it earlier.
    The positive part is, that exploring the area kinda put the puzzle-pieces together. One issue I had was missing the key behind the curtain. That was evil, really.
    Also I found it odd why on the earth I couldn't save Sister Morra since I had the keyring and could just open her cage. --- though in the ending at least her case felt justified

    What I didn't understood was the supposedly fake doors in the belltower though. They could be circumvented (but it was kinda tricky in my opinion) but found no way to open them and no apparent reason why they couldn't be opened.
    Also I've found it kinda lucky, that a golden candlestick in plain view from the planks around the bell is considered a secret, but some other loot reachable from the same place - by climbing the kinda hidden stairs leading upwards from there is not a secret

    What was yet difficult was the way of leaving. I haven't find anything hinting how and where to do that and didn't understood, why it isn't okay to descend on the wall, where it was possible.

    Altogether this mission was awesome and really atmospheric, really loved this one.

    Mission 8: I loved this one. It was very interesting and absorbing to investigate and look for clues all around.
    Also this mission justified the presence of that poison, which I didn't understand why would Garrett carry all the time as it were The Eye itself.
    Everything was well-made here. The only problem is the fact that it's completely unobvious, that the priest opens up the cathedral after finding the required amount of evidence.

    But in my opinion this is one of the missions in this campaign, it's interesting and though often with difficulties, but mostly it's puzzles can be solved all through the map.

    Mission 9: An advanced version of the "classic mansion mission", enjoyed it very much, the only possible issue is missing the small side-mansion completely, which I've "successfully" done, by going to the other way on the start, then entering the mansion and doing everything else

    Other than that, everything was nicely done in the mission.

    Mission 9 3/4: The river view was awesome!

    And the plot twist was had very nice outcome in my opinion.
    Though I felt pity for poor Victora, and at all didn't understood why it happened to her.

    Mission 10: This mission was mostly fine. The only problem I had was the area after the 3D labyrinth. That tiny switch is like impossible to spot and just makes no sense. The same goes for the fake-entrance, heavily guarded by combat bots. What?
    I thought I was missing something in the labyrinth and went back wandering around totally clueless until I've read here about that tiny-switch.
    Other than this nuance everything was nicely made in this mission.

    Tricking the über-robots was nice. However as soon as I unwear the mask they start attacking and the flamethrower goes through the doors too
    Also very much loved the appearance of the keeper enforcers, though I have no idea, where'd they come from

    And part of the ending was quite, unexpected. I think it wasn't too much of a surprise who Capellan turned out to be is, but the acts of the keepers was a but surprising. And also the surprise of the keepers was surprise

    (on a side note that I think at the end of T3 the keepers either disbanded and/or Garrett took the leadership in their order which makes me think their actions and even their mere existence odd for me; but of course this could be also the result of some kind of takeover power-wise within their order)

    Altogether this campaign was awesome. At some point I think it was difficult in frustrating way on the negative side; but on the positive, it implemented (or re-implemented) lots of awesome in-game stuff had a very clever design, and a really absorbing story.
    Well done, and many thanks again for doing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baeuchlein View Post
    For some people, Darkloader still runs fine. For others (like me), it doesn't.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zontik View Post
    I think it's because of ZIP file size and maybe depends on your operating system. Size is over 2 Gb, old OS + old loaders can't handle it. I've got XP, DarkLoader can't install the campaing [...]
    Something like that, yes. On my Win7 x64 system, it was interesting - the english version of "Patriot" could not be installed with DarkLoader, but the (slightly smaller) russian one apparently could. However, there are other reasons why DarkLoader might be problematic. Sometimes, scripts apparently are handled differently, and DML files as well, as Unna Oertdottir recently pointed out for one or two old T1 FMs.

    And on my system, DarkLoader cannot properly handle multi-language missions any more since about NewDark v1.24. Other people still have no problems with that.

    Bottom line: If DarkLoader works for someone - fine. If it doesn't, one should try another, more modern FM loader.

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    What an impressive work!
    Thanks a lot for these great missions.
    They where a bit hard to figure out a some times, but very well build and creative story.

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    Zontik, I too have finished this campaign. I don't say "at last", even it was a long-long playtime (31h 4m excluded the reloads and attpemts to proceed somehow)
    I play Thief and fan missions almost from the beginning, and in this ca 19 years, this campaign was the hardest and most complicated/challenging one for me. There were so many special actions that were really challenging to find out them. There were huge areas to roam up and down, so many places accessible in a special way, not simply through a door... Playing was really very frustrating for me many times. Oh, and your damn frightening giant iron beasts - please everybody, forget using them again... never ever!
    ...but you created incredible and beautiful places, i just can say a wow... Because of the special and not usual actions, places, ai-s and the storyline, this campaign was much more than a Thief campaign for me.

    So, Zontik, thank you very much for your years-long work, it was amazing.

    Could you please tell me which is the missing last secret in mission 9? Or where should i search for it?

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    1000 Thanx for your hard fine! work. Ist Great !! And thanx for all comments and helps

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    update or modernize darkloader

    could anyone please update darkloader so rebellion and patriot could run on it?

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    I can't have this mission to be listed in FM selector , Garrettloader or darkloader, why?

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    i found fmsel runs thief 2 fm's the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    i found fmsel runs thief 2 fm's the best
    but it's not working with me, probably i´l have to install manually this mission.

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