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Thread: Been gone for a while....

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    Been gone for a while....

    Nice to see this place is still standing. I have lots to catch up on, I see.
    I was wondering if anybody could tell me the very best place to go to download all the fan missions that have been released the past couple years? Who has the most complete archive available these days?

    I see my old reliable CheapThiefMissions hasn't been updated in ages.

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    Welcome back! You should find most or all the more recent FMs at these places:

    Taffer's Paradise

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    Convenient search by the author of the mission.
    sorry for my very bad english :(

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    don't forget the new website :3
    not yet complete but with the time since everyone can access

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    You should also first update your installs using TFix (T1G) and T2Fix (T2) before playing any new FMs as they will probably require it.

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    once you updated then you are going to be very happy there are so many amazing newer fan missions since you left,have a great time

    also a lot of the older missions have been updated to new dark so be sure to go back and play the new dark versions of older fan missions

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