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Thread: Patriot: Mission 7 "Heretic"

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    After I had a little summer break from Thief I proceeded with this beautiful campaign.

    Sadly I am still in search for the list of chimes and had already been in the archive. I found nothing there in exception of a little secret (Book of Scale Restoration). I need a strong spoiler to continue my journey please.

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    @Thinking Robot
    That is the proper place. Have you checked carefully the big bookshelf, from the ladder as well ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheela View Post
    This mission is finished, too...
    Very tough, but i really loved the beautiful places, especially after those mech indutries.
    more than 6 hours, 2830/3000 loot, 8/13 secrets...
    ...aaand a bonus objective gained too I have never managed to get so high before

    Finding secrets is very-very hard for me in these missions.

    mission 7. secrets :

    1. Pillar Crypt, near altar (with 3 stone statues)
    2. Color code safe in abbot's study
    3. Abbot's quarters, 2nd floor, living room (look inside fireplace after putting out fire)
    4. Underground Church, high above the wooden cabinet - don't bring crates as i did, there is an easier way
    5. Underground Church, near mech angel
    6. scriptorium, where monk is staring books
    7. when using the Chimney Sweep's key, the other (blind) chimney is accessible at half way, visit it (or from guest hall fireplace)
    8. archive, secret compartment - investigate the left side of bookshelf under stairs
    9. roof terrace or what, just before entering the bell tower, look high and search for something different
    10. Belltower, giant window opening to cathedral
    11. bell tower, bell control panel more hint: very tricky, look behind the manuals
    12. on the roof of Ossuary (reachable from bell tower's window?)
    13. Mayor's cell

    Thank you Galaer!
    Cheela, can you be more specific about #7 search for something different? I see a railing on the angled roof section, but can't get there from the bell tower.
    for #7: look behind the manuals? you mean the keyboard?


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    Is there a key to the prison?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Reginald View Post
    Is there a key to the prison?
    Yes there is. Pff, somewhere is mentioned something like that guard with the key is in the prison and he may come out in emergency cases or sg.
    You have to do something in order to giving some kind of alarm sign
    Do you remember the bell tower with that tiny keyboard ?
    Have you read the proper book in archive ?

    Edit: There is a note next to the grate of prison. According to that note, he may only leave his post in there if the bell tolls the signal for extra prayer. Then he may go to the Aquilon for 7 minutes.

    Edit 2 - for the secrets
    #9 - examine that column where you see that railing high up. There is a hidden door on it.
    #11 - yes i mean behind the bell control keyboard. First i thought it was a tiny organ, organs have one or more "keyboards" which are called manuals. Sorry.

    And sorry for my bad english, i will correct the list. Thank you.
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    Thanks Cheela! that was outstanding!

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    Just playing this gigantic mission. I've read here and ingame that there is a secret passage in the Pillar crypt but couldn't find it. Can you please tell me where it is?


    4. Underground Church, high above the wooden cabinet - don't bring crates as i did, there is an easier way

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    To Cotillion:

    1) Put weight on pressure plates on floor.

    2) The switch is hidden behind this wooden cabinet.

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    Loving this mission, but I'm truly stuck.

    I'm in the storeroom next to the empty bath. I've read the letter slipped under the door and got the new objective. But now the door is locked and I'm missing one lockpick and can't get out. I picked up the fuse and the loot in the room but I how do I exit?

    Thanks for any help!

    Edit: Never mind. I finally found the missing lockpick below the door. Hard to see, though!

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