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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    Hello everyone! I am playing the Sturmdrang Peak FM and just now I have been to the police station to acquire equipment. Problem is I still don't have it it seems... Is this a bug or what? I have no arrows or lockpics even though I picked them up from one of the chests at the police station. Thanks!

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    I ought to remember but I'm afraid I don't (older age = reduction in memory capacity). The campaign thread is here so I suggest you check the individual mission thread linked in the OP and post again in the relevant thread if you don't find the answer.

    But someone with a better memory might come along and post here.

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    All right, I'm coming along already.

    Taffey, if you really opened one of the three equipment chests in the police station, you should at least have lockpicks. If that is not the case, then it's either a bug, or you might have ended one of the missions since the one with the police station by hitting CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-END. In the latter case, your equipment vanishes in the next mission. You then have to use an older savegame.

    Anyone else visiting this thread for Sturmdrang Peak: Please follow the link in nickie's post and post your questions there, in the thread for that campaign. This helps to keep things in order.

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    I would like to suggest using a less vague subject so that anyone familiar with the mission will see what the thread is about.

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