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Thread: Need help getting Thief Gold!

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    Need help getting Thief Gold!

    As you will know, I live in Argentina, that country in the southernmost part of America, here Thief is an extremely strange game, I'm almost sure I'm the only one still playing it (if someone besides me ever played it). I've played TDP and TMA, but it is impossible to get a copy of Thief Gold.
    Do anyone know if it's possible and how much it would cost to ship a copy from the US to my country???
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    Ebay has two auctions currently, both listed by the same user, who says they will ship worldwide....

    Here and here

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    You can no longer get Thief Gold in a store, so you have to get it from some place like ebay. The price has steadily been rising; it looks like there are three copies available right now; the auction ending the soonest has been bid up to US$34 with two days remaining.

    UPS and Federal Express will ship to you, but their web sites want your postal code before they will estimate a shipping charge. Airmail via the US postal service costs about $20 and takes four to ten days to reach Argentina. I have no idea what customs in your country would charge for a used game.

    So you're looking at around 152 Argentinan Pesos at today's exchange rate (1 USD = 2.75 ARS), plus whatever it would cost to transfer that amount of money and whatever duties and taxes are involved.

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    Well, thank you all, but as I see it's a very difficult and expensive task, 150 Argentinian Pesos are just too much for a game.
    Better keep searching here.
    Maybe under a carpet.
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    Well, just bought the Thief Bundle from Steam, on May the 22nd, 2012. It was a long wait, but worthy.

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    Am I missing something or couldn't TG be easily bought from Steam or GoG without need for ebay or international shipping?

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    he is basically telling us that 7 years ago, he successfully purchased TG after 9 years of waiting. I can't even.

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