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Thread: A fan mission alternative?

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    A fan mission alternative?

    So, I just made a Thief inspired game for the original NES as part of a game jam:

    It's a take on Lord Bafford's - steal the sceptre from the throne room to win. Figured maybe some here would appreciate it if only for the attempt at capturing the look.

    The game ended up just being a short and fairly simple loot-collecting platformer just due to time constraints; I've never made an NES game before and I only had two weeks.

    Here's some GIFs of the animation cycles I did before I had to drop some frames to get them to fit:
    (the game jam theme was ___ with guns, in case you're wondering why there's a 'shoot' animation).

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    I've moved this to ThiefGen as I think it's a bit busy in Fan Missions at the moment and the thread's in danger of being lost for ever.

    Thanks for posting.

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    very interesting, i think i will make a gameplay video about it :3

    Is there still no background music? the taffer seems to be pretty strong. He one shoots all

    I'm looking forward to more!

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    Yeah, I'm not going to update the gamejam entry, so no background music.

    BUT, I did really enjoy making it, and I'm going to continue to develop a more complete version of Bafford's as sort of a proof of concept - but with more traditional Thief weaponry and tools, lockpicking, full scrolling instead of the screen-by-screen approach here, and if I can manage it, an actual stealth/visibility system and guard alert states.

    I did the above in two weeks, so it may be a while, but I want to develop this as an NES game first and then, if it's actually fun to play, maybe a more robust Thief-inspired platformer on the PC where I can use more than 3 colors per character.
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