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Thread: Ten years ago today Thief 4 was unveiled.

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    Ten years ago today Thief 4 was unveiled.

    Today Facebook reminded me that ten years ago we were super exited : Eidos Montreal unveiled the latest game of the series. Back then it was called Thief 4, or rather Thi4f.

    It took five years to release the game. Five more years... what's its place amongst the gaming community?

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    Already 10 years since the unveiling of the THI4F-logo?

    Boy was that starting things off on the wrong foot or what.

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    Gotta say that logo showed the shape of things to come.

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    The amount of activity on this subforum is very telling

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    It's not a completely awful game, but really substandard compared to the previous titles. I played it once and forgot about it.

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    I played it once. Forgot about it. Remembered it again. Played it again. Forgot about it again. Wait what are we talking about?

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    I played it and enjoyed it well enough but it pales in comparison to the others.

    The thing that really bothers me is that it clearly ended a fantastic franchise. I still play the original games, all three of them but especially Thief II. Would have been nice to have Thief 5 to look forward to, but that won't be happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    The amount of activity on this subforum is very telling

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    Would have been nice to have Thief 5 to look forward to, but that won't be happening.
    Actually, there is still a thief 4 missing :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    The amount of activity on this subforum is very telling
    To be fair, how many games are still remembered five years after their release nowadays? It's just the very best games that become timeless classics, or games that have good mod support and an active community that stay alive for that long. I bet that we wouldn't have active Thief forums in here if Dromed had never been released for the fans to do their magic. The Thief reboot is merely average in too many ways, and does not have any kind of mod community obviously, so it's destined to be forgotten. Nothing special about that.

    Having said that, I've been meaning to replay the "new" Thief for a long time, and now that I finally have a decent computer that should be able to run it pretty fine, I think I might even get a bit more out of the game. I'm sure that some of the writing is still cringeworthy and some design decisions are as terrible as ever, but I remember really liking the stealth gameplay itself. I just wish I could skip the parts with cockrings and Polly Adler.

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    I thought the overall art style was pretty well done, though the white paint everywhere you were supposed to climb was very insulting. That's an artifact of modern game development, something I can't wait to die out to give way to more complex and less obvious designs ala T1/2.

    The two biggest problems for me was the pacing and overall tone. The pacing was horrible, like having to spend so much time looting drawers. The tone was far too serious most of the time, where TDS had far too much sillyness, Thief 4 took itself far too seriously. Had they created the same game in a different universe ala Dishonored I think it would have been received a lot better as I don't think it was a bad *game*, but it was a terrible iteration of Thief.

    I really just want a Thief 5 that captures the tone, pacing and open ended level design that doesn't hold the players hand, on a modern game engine. Is that so much to ask?

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    I dislike it as a Thief game and a game on its own. It has nothing original. It says a lot about the story-writing when they mostly were "inspired" by other Thief games and even games that were inspired by Thief.

    Disease background story from Dishonored.

    Evil sherriff from Thief 2.

    Heck, even the brothel from Thief 2X. I even say the "cure" part was just there because of the scales in Thief 2X.

    Bank level. Asylum level.

    All levels are the same generic London-gothic-like setting which is boring.

    But yes, a real mastherthief steals golden ashtrays, pens and scissors...and collects the real precious stuff for himself. The original Garrett would have robbed the fake Garrett.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udo View Post
    But yes, a real mastherthief steals golden ashtrays, pens and scissors...and collects the real precious stuff for himself. The original Garrett would have robbed the fake Garrett.
    I agree with everything you posted, but that last line was golden. Lol

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    It baffled me that they called it Thief and then made so many choices that were clearly going to annoy fans of the original games. It's one thing to use an existing franchise to get an instant fanbase and an established universe, rather than starting from scratch, but did they may as well have done the latter. It's not as if it was a high profile series. Instead we got a reboot that was so forceful it was more like a kick up the arse.

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    Thief 4 taught me a valuable lesson. Never pre-purchase a game. I haven't done it since.

    I thought Thief 4 was a complete train wreck. The fact that the project leader left a month or two before the game was released was a telling sign.

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    The game felt like it really didn't know what it wanted to be. A pure stealth game? It had difficulty options that made stealth hard as nails. An action game? It also had weird, forced 3rd person and/or action sequences.

    Was it to be a completely new game? A loose reboot/retelling of Garrett's story? Or an actual sequel to the old series? For some reason, it's all of them. It's a sequel set 400 years later where for no particular reason there's a new Garrett but the city is a completely different place, save for nods. Garrett has a young female apprentice, but she isn't the one from the end of TDS. This is the old city, even has the Haunted Cathedral, lost city, and keepers but it might as well not have them and be a new place. In fact, if you never played the originals, there's no explanation for the giant library with key motifs everywhere.

    Even the plot was confused. What's it about? Erin? The poor vs the rich? The 'primal'? The plague? None of these threads are adequately explored, all seem to be dropped at some point in favour of the others yet none get resolution by the end.

    In short it was a completely muddled mess of a game. If they'd picked just one direction to go in, maybe it'd have been half decent in the end.

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    I read somewhere that they developed it more like an Assassins Creed Action Game und half way through they turned it around. So they fucked it up from the beginning, wasted resources and released this unfinished mess of a game.

    I loved the body-awareness and the option to play without HUD. I played it through twice. I started it a million times but got bored after the first missions. I have PS4. Now I have my PC up and running again and have the real deal with Thief1/2 und even 3. Compared to Thi4f Deadly Shadows is not so bad, but also very inferiour to the first 2 gems by LookingGlass.

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    I believe that this was a rushed game from the get go. I feel that the same people that were managing "Ion Storm" were the same involved in the decision taking actions on board Thi4f.

    They had no bad intent, at the end of the day, it's business and to survive in this world, you have to make a product that fits the masses and brings a revenue.

    It's hard to please both the old and the new, for they are of different mentalities and see games differently.

    I guess that not everyone at Eidos Montreal was of the same opinion on the direction that this game would take it's development for and hence why it came out the way it came out. I believe that if everyone would of been on the same page, the management following the main lead of the older staff that was on board this project, while adding new things to the game (which could be turned on or off) then this game would of come out nicely.

    Heck come to think about it, they could of had two types of game play to chose from, giving the opportunity for new players to play the game in the classic way and then in the new way, which might of provided TREMENDOUS feedback to the developing studio, leading to a better design for their next installment in the series.

    The only thing that kills it for me, is the fact that it has these hideous level transitions from one area to another. If this could be fixed, I could actually enjoy the Thi4f experience.

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