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Thread: Rubber dome vs mechnaical keyboard for home office

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    Rubber dome vs mechnaical keyboard for home office

    I have a litte home office thing going in since a month, because me and my buddy got into freelance writing and have been earning a good amount. I want to invest in a good keyboard but not sure what to get, I'm looking for something wireless and suitable for work environment I've heard that mech keyboards make noise that is not suitable for work space but are good in terms of overall feel. On the other side how are rubber dome keyboards for writers? Right now, these options seem perfect and the filco majestouch keyboard looks nice, but meh I want an expert's opinion.

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    I vastly prefer mechanicals, but the mechanical keyboards may make some loud clicking sounds that tend to piss off your coworkers. Try before you buy to make sure.

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    I suggest you search the "Technical and Troubleshooting Arena" sub-forum. This topic comes up from time to time.

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    I use a Cherry G-80 at work that I have slightly sound proofed with some padding in the case and O-rings on the switches. It still clacks audibly but it's bearable. I can recommend that keyboard as it's relatively cheap and a real work horse.
    The sound is (mostly) created by the switches of which there are various types with different noise levels and haptics (soft, clicky, linear). Case types can also influence the sound. At home I use a Corsair K70 which has an open metal frame and is very loud (despite O-rings).
    Almost no one needs a mechanical keyboard. People choose them because they make writing fun and satisfying. There are also some minor technical advantages but none will affect office writing.

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    I want an expert's opinion
    I'm an enthusiast/low-grade expert. I've been hounding deskthority, geekhack, /r/mk for years. I'm in the process of building my own keyboard and have taught myself about ergonomics, CAD and microelectronics/soldering. You should verify what I say by going into the rabbit holes I mentioned where you find bundled expertise. Caution: it's quite engrossing, set an alarm clock to limit the time on each wiki walk. Attend a nearby meet-up if you can to physically test out different feels.

    I want to invest in a good keyboard
    Apart from "feel", you did not say what the motivation for investing into a good keyboard. Since you type for a living, ergonomics should be the prime differentiator for you. That makes the actuating mechanism of third-degree concern. Instead you should primarily look for a design:

    • that is split in half and the pieces can be positioned shoulder-wide apart
    • whose keycaps are in an ortholinear layout or have columnar staggering, preferably bowl-shaped
    • that has adjustable tenting along the roll axis

    Secondarily you should set up your software to eliminate/minimise the need to reach for the pointing device.

    mech keyboards make noise
    Get browns. In the short term, damp the keycaps with rubber O-rings, in the long term improve your typing so that you do not bottom out keypresses any more.

    That's it, HTH HAND

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