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Thread: what fan mission author would you like to see come back and start making missions

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    what fan mission author would you like to see come back and start making missions

    for me i would have to say i would like to jis and dront come back and make missions as i feel they made very hard/challenging fan missions that to this day are still hold up in difficulty

    what authors would you like to see come back

    yes there are others i would like to see come back but i did not want to list the book of names,would take to long even after gamal got done with it,thief 3 reference

    i would have listed bbb but he is still making missions "thank the builder" hope he stays around for a very long time

    also i am not counting all the amazing people we lost as they would be on the list also

    we also need more friendly burricks in fan missions/none aggressive ,like the "nali cows"

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    Belboz. I love the TTGM series and it's still unfinished.

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    What fan mission author would you like to see come back and start making missions

    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    What fan mission author would you like to see come back and start making missions
    GaŽtane ... but she wrote me that her interests have changed meanwhile.
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
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    Seeing another mission from GaŽtane would be lovely, but I think The Black Frog was a wonderful swansong for her portfolio.

    It's the people for whom we never got any closure that make me wonder the most. Maria StrŲm/Morrgan was the first that came to mind; just today I was marvelling at how good The Shipment is, even though it often gets overshadowed by Rodamill. All of her missions are fantastic, especially the T1 Hammerite ones. It's a shame we never saw Greyfeather Gems completed. I always hope TTLG members who've been inactive for years have moved on and are doing well.

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    Morrgan, Doaal and another thumbs up for Belboz.

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    Would love to have seen Greyfeather Gems finished too and TTGM is a replay favourite - plus Eshaktaar, Otto, Hipbreaker, Kfort and Darthslair spring to my mind right now.

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    I love older T1 missions. Would love to see Morgan, Apache, Purah back. Lots of others as well.

    Downwinder, I am still building but I am pretty slow. TG mission in process. I canít imagine not building missions. If that happened, I would have to watch stupid tv shows at night.


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    Belboz and Andrea Aleotti

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    Sterlino and Andrea Aleotti

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    And I would also like to have Lady Rowena back...

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    - madwolf (Kevan Swain) -> Turn of the Tide had a very unique feel to it, and it would be nice to see some more from the author even if his missions were not superperfect popular masterpieces,
    - Sxerks -> Basically he also had a very easy to recognize and enjoyable style of mission editing,
    - uncadonege -> simple and very nice to play kind of missions (thieves highway type of missions is one thing He was very good at),
    - Sliptip -> Come on, one of the most beauty-oriented level editors. And Ashen Age part 1 means that there must be a part 2.

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    Thank you for this interesting topic, downwinder.

    If I were to decide, I would choose Purah, GaŽtane, Kung Fu Gecko, Banshee, and Mokkis.

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    you are welcome,you all have amazing picks

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    I don't keep check of who are the authors of my favorite missions (sorry), except Eepcat - his Uninvited Guest is one of my fav so I'd like to see him come back.

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    Lord Hammerarse was supposed to be a campaign, Goddamnit! It was supposed to be a campaign.....

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    Eshaktaar, for sure. I loved his missions. Also Purah, Lord Alan, HipBreaker and Madwolf. If we hadn't lost our lovely Lady Rowena, then she'd be at the top of my list.

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    I'd love it if Airship Ballet came back for Darkmod. Her bank missions were stellar.

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    Eshaktaar, Sliptip, gaetane and Saturnine would be my top picks. I actually have one of Sliptip's abandoned missions and will finish and release it some day. Some day...

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    Ycatx, Eshaktaar, Purah, Sledge, Silent Sleep, Sterlino

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    I can think of a bunch of authors I'd reallly love to see make missions again (most of whom are mentioned in this thread), but if I try and isolate just a couple of choices:

    Eshaktaar and SilentSleep.

    They both exhibited such masterful, ahead-of-their-time design skill, yet we have relatively little overall work from them, and we haven't had anything from them in ages. I remember thinking or hoping SilentSleep was just getting started with Equilibrium -- still an all-time favorite of mine -- but we never again saw anything from him.

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    I'll be honest, I oftentimes completely miss who the author was on a mission I played. But one that does come to mind not yet mentioned is Wille. I was really impressed with the size and visuals of Heart of Bohn, especially now being a decade old. If we ever got the third part of Mystic Gems with all the new bells and whistles of NewDark, whoo boy.

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    Of the ones that haven't been mentioned yet: Alexius from the (sadly unfinished) Hammerite Imperium campaign, and Alex Thompson from the oldies, but goodies Ranstall Keep, and Curse of the Carnival
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