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Thread: Rest axis speed

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    Rest axis speed

    I have an object that is set to rest only on the Z+ axis, but I haven't been able to figure out how to increase the speed that the object rotates to rest on Z+. Is this possible?

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    Without trying every single property it's very hard to say something isn't possible. None of the other values in Attributes have any effect, although I think you should say what properties you've investigated so that if someone has an idea they can see if it's already been tried.
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    Try to play with gravity settings. Set it to 300-700.

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    I've tried changing settings on gravity, mass, and base friction with no change in rotation. I should have mentioned that this is a dynamic flame sfx with scaled bitmaps, but I needed the flame to rotate to the +Z axis because it would look odd if the flame landed sideways. This particular flame is a corpse of a lantern, and sometimes the lantern lands sideways. The problem is that it rotates too slowly.

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    Why not just set your SFX Particles/Particle Group Motion to "Trailing Object" so that it ignores the orientation of the object it's attached to?

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    thanks ZB! That did the trick.

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