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Thread: Happy Birthday, HipBreaker!

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    Happy Birthday, HipBreaker!

    Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

    Hope your day is full of fun and laughter.

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    HipBreaker! It's your birthday...

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    Happy Birthday!

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    happy b-day hip breaker,you getting older now,so please do not break a hip

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    Thanks, everyone! It was a good day

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    Happy Yesterday, Jeremy!

    So sorry I missed it. Hope all is going well.

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    Happy belated birthday!

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    Happy birthday but stay away from my hips.

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    Happy belated birthday hope you had a good one

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    Happy belated Birthday, Jeremy!

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    Thanks again, everyone! After reading some of the replies here, it makes me really glad that I never abandoned this alias when it became VERY tempting years ago (although I started releasing missions as "Jeremy Catlin (HipBreaker)" eventually). It didn't take long to outgrow it - granted the reason for "HipBreaker" was because my friend and I wanted to have similar names when we played TFC together, and he was "SpineRemover". It just followed me to TTLG when I was in my early teens. Now I always answer with a stupid grin on my face when people at Arkane ask me, "Wait, what was your Thief fan mission alias again?" Hah!
    I think my favorite moment was early on at Arkane when I told Purah, and he responded with, "I see".

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    Happy (late) birthday!!

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