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Thread: Pathfinding on multi levels

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    Pathfinding on multi levels

    In my mission I have a balcony where a guard patrols back and forth, but when I climb up to the balcony the guard acts as if I am unreachable. Also guards that pursue me on the ground think that I am still at ground level and run around in the area underneath the balcony. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    I'll post some pictures of the pathfinding links later.

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    One thing that comes to my mind is that you might have one large room brush encompassing both levels and AI thinks you're in the same 'room', no matter what physical height you're on. If that's the case, split your Room brush into two - one for ground level and one for the balcony level.

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    I depends on the way the balcony (floor) was made

    Air can be rather troublesome. A solid on the air brush which carved out the balcony can help.
    As for pathfinding issues, blockable brushes under and above the balcony can help, too. Use an additional helper object and the command ai_draw_links to check how pathfinding will change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unna Oertdottir View Post
    Air can be rather troublesome.
    Air brushes do not exist after portalization. No brushes exist. All that's left after portalization is the worldrep. The worldrep does not care what combination of brushes was used to create it.

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    I tried using two room brushes and got the same result. This is the pathfinding of the second floor balcony.

    I even tried making two room brushes that didn't intersect as if they were in a building, but still the guards on the ground floor follow me. If I enter the balcony where the camera is and then run around the corner, the guard will stop and threaten me.

    I also tried making the balcony floor thicker (1 unit vs 2) and reran pathfiding, but this didn't make any difference. The floor is solid but it shouldn't matter as ZB stated.

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