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    Sounds like RSSBot02 is trying to say it's about ethics in game journalism.
    No surprise there.

    ANYHOO, back on track, I played some more of Spacebase DF-9 today, and had quite a lot of fun. Sure, because it was cut short in development, it's nowhere near as deep as it should have been, but that doesn't stop it being a good game.
    It's a LOT like Startopia and less like Dwarf Fortress mind you.
    But that's okay, 'cos Startopia's one of my all-time favourites.
    So yeah, pleasantly surprised.

    Next I'll see if I can be bothered to give my clicking-finger a vigorous workout by playing Godus Wars.

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    Not sure if it's on STEAM, but I actually enjoyed Enter the Matrix in spite of it's problems. Sue me.

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    Think I've got an original box copy of that somewhere. And yeah, while it was pretty janky, I remember enjoying it too. Like a much less polished Max Payne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    * E.Y.E - Divine Cybermancy - This is nothing but a glorified Half-Life 2 mod, that they had the balls to charge for. They even left one of the original Half-Life 2 turrets in the game at the start with a different texture applied to it. They were that ballsy. I played this for about an hour. Got to a long hallway against an enemy with a rocket launcher I think, and it all just looked and felt meh. I really wasn't enjoying it, as the "game" just didn't excite me. Was nothing about it that was fun. Uninstalled.
    I hated it as well but we seem to be on the outer judging by the "very positive" rating on Steam. Perhaps we both gave up to early? That said, I'm in no rush to give it another try.

    Luckily I don't have any "overwhelmingly negative" games in my library but I do have 3 "mostly negative" ones:
    • Deus Ex: The Fall (33%): I picked this up for a song during a sale some time ago. It didn't seem to be as terrible as the ratings appear to suggest but it plays more like a mobile game adapted to PC and I had no interest in spending any time with it.
    • Underworld Ascendant (34%): This still needs a lot of work in its current state. I'll wait for the final patch before it giving it another try.
    • Half-Life: Before (39%): I had no idea this was in my library -- never heard of it -- but it's actually a mod for Half Life. As such I won't be able to try it anyway as I don't own Half Life on Steam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malf View Post
    Think I've got an original box copy of that somewhere. And yeah, while it was pretty janky, I remember enjoying it too. Like a much less polished Max Payne.

    But with a surprisingly functional Kung-Fu system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twisty View Post
    I hated it as well but we seem to be on the outer judging by the "very positive" rating on Steam. Perhaps we both gave up to early? That said, I'm in no rush to give it another try.
    Exactly, which was my experience. if a game leaves a sour taste in my mouth quite quickly, then I don't have the motivation to keep going. I'd far rather move on to something I'll enjoy.

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    I liked EYE enough to "finish" it, but you definitely need to be in the right mood to put up with the abstruse storytelling and systems. I think it has a sort of Outsider Art thing going that appealed to me, since that's just not how professional developers make games.

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    I have about 5 pages of games with no rating, because they aren't in the store anymore. But of the ones I can get a rating for:

    1. 21.59% Spacebase DF-9 - haven't played, don't care
    2. 22.59% 10 Years After - HP,DC
    3. 27.66% Hyper Fighters - haven't gotten to it yet
    4. 29.25% Razor2: Hidden Skies - kill it with fire and then burn whatever memories you have of it
    5. 29.50% D&D: Daggerdale - just kind of boring more than offensively bad
    6. 29.72% Confrontation - HP,DC
    7. 30.85% Stronghold 3 - HP,DC
    8. 31.75% Two Brothers - tried it, too broken to bother with
    9. 32.38% Iesabel - KIWFATBWMYHOI
    10. 33.15% Future Wars - HP,DC
    11. 33.57% DX: The Fall - JKOBMTOB
    12. 34.23% ArmA Tactics - HGTIY
    13. 36.27% Prey: Typhon Hunter - HP,DC
    14. 36.58% Legends Of Dawn Reborn - KIWFATBWMYHOI
    15. 37.37% Shattered Haven - HP,DC
    16. 39.01% Hacker Evolution Duality - HP,DC
    17. 39.82% Twin Sector - JKOBMTOB
    18. 40.27% Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition - JKOBMTOB
    19. 40.31% Trapped Dead - JKOBMTOB
    20. 40.87% Alone In The Dark - HP,DC

    Somehow I skipped Underworld:Ass - HGTIY

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    Another way to search your own library: (doesn't require logging in, just pasting the url to your profile)

    My bottom 5:
    29% 1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby) - Great title, bad game.
    39% Burn Zombie Burn! - Dunno what this is.
    40% Twin Sector - Kinda a portal-esque first person puzzler. Yeah it was pretty bad.
    41% Underworld Ascendant - I had a pretty fun 11 hours with it after Update 2. Waiting for Update 4 before giving it another go.
    42% theHunter Classic - The low score has more to do with users protesting the monetization-system than the actual quality of the game. A good, deep hunting sim.

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    You know, I didn't mind 1... 2... 3... , but it was very reminiscent of their other titles.
    And Burn Zombie Burn! is actually quite good, dunno why it's scoring that low. It's a Robotron-esque Zombie-masher with a neat scoring mechanic centred around setting zombies on fire to increase your multiplier as far as I remember. I also seem to remember it having a pretty good Psychobilly soundtrack too.

    Mind you, I also enjoyed WET, which was pretty widely derided at the time of release, so make of that what you will. Indeed, one of the guys who did level design for the game used to regularly post over at Quake3World, and even he said the game was shit.
    He also worked on Watchdogs and managed to sneak in a Quake3World easter egg, in the form of some trash arranged in the letters Q3W

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Another way to search your own library:
    According to that site my lowest scorers are (at least the ones that have a score):

    Pinball FX2: Civil War Table (18%) - I got that as part of a Marvel Tables bundle for FX2, can't remember how well it played but I don't think I've returned to replay it after trying it out.

    Razor2: Hidden Skies (21%) - I probably picked it up in a bundle at some point, though most of the negative reviews just seem to have expected it to be better for the asking price

    Borderlands 2: Mad Moxie (30%) - I'm guessing the score is a combination of BL fatigue and a non-impressive piece of DLC for the price. I'm fairly certain I got this by getting a complete edition of BL2.

    Two Brothers (31%) - This isn't Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (which is a great game), but rather an attempt at doing some sort of simplistic jRPG with lots of bad UI decisions (including the screen size) and bugs. My gut reaction is that this is from a Humble Bundle.

    Shattered Haven (42%) - I got this in an Arcen (small indie developer) bundle and tried it for an hour or two, it didn't click. A zombie survival game with Arcen's usual style of adding a twist to the mechanics because that's what they like to do. They don't add a twist to the mechanics of their games because they can, but because they want to play a game in that genre with that twist.

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    For a game that's got overwhelmingly negative reviews I enjoyed most (but not all) of Aliens Colonial Marines. Once you fix that 1 line of code in that ini file, the game is heaps better.

    I'd say about the first 60% of the game is pretty good, with some sections rising up to excellent. Then you get to the other 40% and it all gets very meh. My assumption is that by the time development got to that bit, the ini error was in there and they couldn't find the source of it anywhere they looked. And so they eventually gave up and said meh fuck it and just kept going, but by that stage they had barely any time till release, so were like ah fuck and just did some quick levels.

    You'll know when you've hit that final 40%. Quite noticeable. The really good bits though are great. Hadley's Hope being my favorite.

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    I was just looking at Road to Guangdong, the kind-of sequel to Jalopy, and it's getting Mostly Negative reviews.

    Apparently most of the game is just pushing "w", turning now and then, and listening to dialog, with no further interaction.
    They're saying you can't really call it a sequel as the devs are different. Only the publisher is the same.
    And this review might sum it up "Jalopy - Things that made Jalopy good = Road to Guangdong".
    I've got a coupon even since I bought Jalopy, putting it around $8, but I'm not exactly tempted to pick it up now. If it gets down to $2 or less in a year or so on sale, and I have a feeling it will, I might consider it then.

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    I'm double-post to look at my own games. I used lorenzostanco, as it's most convenient.

    Putting aside the unrated games, my worst one is
    X-Rebirth at 33%.

    Now this one is interesting. It's undeniably terrible compared to X3, and the poor comparison no doubt drove it to getting trashed in the reviews.
    But I kind of ... well liked it would be going too far. But it has its unsung virtues. It's goofy and glitchy in a way that made me laugh more than a few times.
    You can walk around FPS style, which was a long-sought thing for a space sim. But, e.g., everytime you enter a ship, the graphics will glitch to make it clear it's respawning you in an empty grey room and then building the ship around you. Every station is a maze of the same empty hallways where you have to walk for ages just to find one alien in the back insult you. The universe, and each system with it, is much smaller, in size and ambition. It has a ridiculous "highway warp" system, like a rainbow way in space, that pulls your ship like a waterslide, and you can just slip on and off at any time... And it just doesn't have anywhere near the depth that X3 had, if someone even had the patience to stick with it.

    But I don't know... I was laughing at it a lot when I was playing it, with that "I'm not even mad" face. They tried and failed, but I could feel that they were still trying, and somehow that put me in a more forgiving mood. It's a bad game & deserves the bad rating it has, but I didn't mind playing it for a bit. But that said, space sims like this are supposed to suck you in for 100s of hours, and this definitely isn't going to do that for me. I'll save that for the good space sims I have. Even then, this game also make me hold off on getting X4, and I'm still holding off on it until the bugs are fixed and ratings go up. But I'll get it someday.

    Then under 50% is:

    Deus Ex: The Fall at 45%.
    I believe I got the Deus Ex bundle on sale, so that explains how I got it, and I think that was still cheaper than getting the other games outside the bundle. I haven't gotten to it because I haven't even finished DX:MD yet. It's notable because of the disparity to the other DX games. I wasn't even fan of the new ones because of the disparity to the original, but I still appreciated them as nice-looking & good shooters in their own right. The reviews don't give me much incentive to play this.

    Viridi at 46%, a taking-care-of-a-plant sim.
    I believe this is supposed to be like a tamagachi, where you just pop in every now and then and take care of your plant. It's a zen thing, and a glitchy one at that. The in-game purchases all over the place kind of sour that one thing it had going for it. But it's free so one can hardly complain. It's not really supposed to be anything more than just jumping in to take care of a retrogame looking plant, so it's almost not even worth being disappointed if someone was expecting something more.

    Karateka at 48% - I think this was one of the games packaged in that "buy 10 games for $8" deal I bought. I haven't looked at it so I don't have any opinion yet.

    The rest of my rated games are all over 50%.

    Edit: That's metacritic scores. If I go by user ratings, then Viridi gets much higher ratings at, uh let me check, lol, 90%. Somebody could probably write an article how the user ratings and metacritic score can be so different with that as a case study. And Karateka is 80%.

    Aside from those two, X-Rebirth and DX: The Fall are still rated very low. And then Prey: Typhon Hunter, as mentioned earlier.
    I recall someone playing Prey TH here and liking it, with the understanding that it's not like vanilla Prey, so I'm still giving it a chance.
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    Is that the Karateka on the C64 and early DOS days PCs? I loved that game.

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    No, it's the remake.

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    Ok. That I've not played.

    Played some free fan made remakes of it ages ago, but never an official one.

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    I actually played it the other day! Having never played the original and then finding out that Jordan Mechner is behind this, I was expecting something good.

    I was somewhat disappointed.

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    Yeah, that's why it made some tiny waves a few years back -- the creator of Prince of Persia returning to his roots and all that jazz. To be honest, I never understood how the game got so popular or why it's being held in such high esteem. Especially when I look at all the fantastic games that were made in the same year: Marble Madness, King's Quest, Tetris, Elite, Excitebike, Paperboy, Punch Out, the second Wolfenstein game etc... For me, even back in the day it was just boring. And the remake pales in comparison to comparable modern games such as One Finger Death Punch.

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    Of note, Karateka came first, then Prince of Persia.

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    Prince of Persia was actually fun and deserved all the hype, IMO. I played the SNES port a couple years back and it still held up.

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    I've never beaten that game, but played A LOT of the various ports.

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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided sequel was cancelled so that they could make this boring ass looking Avengers live service game, with 2008 quality pre-rendered cutscenes. Fuck you, Square.

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    I think the RSSBot02 is malfunctioning.
    Wrong thread maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    What about all the moral panic and pearl clutching that happens any time any reviewer dares to criticise, well, anything?
    I don't see how the existence of regressive gamers refutes Eva's point about journalists not being immune to personal bias. Personally, I don't trust just Steam reviews, or just social media, or just critics. They each have their problems. Better to read into multiple viewpoints and draw your own conclusions.

    Anyways: My lowest rated game that I've actually played, per Steamdb, is Blacklight: Tango Down. I remember this game coming out in 2010, right in the middle of the glut of gritty modern tactical shooters, and in many respects it was fairly unremarkable. But what it had going for it was a weapon customization system that felt like Borderlands's procedural generation turned into an upgrade mechanic, mated to a core gameplay loop that was actually pretty tight and polished for an indie game. It also had some neat mechanics like giving every player a limited-duration headset that could spot enemies through walls. I enjoyed the little bit of time I spent in it, but have no real desire to play it again.

    It seems that most of the negative Steam reviews come from it being reliant on Games for Windows Live, and now dead as a multiplayer-only game, making it an inadvisable purchase. IGN gave it a rating of 'Okay', averaging a 7 for score, describing it as mostly derivative but at least modestly priced ($15 on release).

    The next-lowest on my list that I've put any real time into is... Colonial Marines. Oof. I actually played through the entire game, in co-op, while drinking, in some attempt to cobble together an enjoyable experience from a game I pre-ordered for a full $60. Coincidentally, it's both the last game I pre-ordered, and the last cent I gave to Gearbox, so there were some valuable lessons to come out of that debacle. Since I already have it, though, I'm thinking about maybe giving it another shot with the AI scripting fix, and see how much it changes.

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