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Thread: Non-linear, toggleable elevator path

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    Non-linear, toggleable elevator path

    I'm probably being dumb, but everything I try is not working. I have a path of 3 TerrPts that makes an L shape. I want an elevator to travel along the path and stop at the end, but if the button is pushed again, it'll travel back up the path to the start.

    So far I've got the first part working fine:
    - Button linked to the final TerrPt.
    - TerrPt 1 linked to 2 with a Tpath link (speed 2, path limit ticked).
    - Ditto for TerrPT 2 to 3.
    - Elevator (Raft) TPathInit linked to TerrPt1.

    If I push the button, the elevator moves along the L shape, gets to the end and stops.

    Now having it be able to return to the start seems to go wrong with everything I try (it either keeps moving forever, ignores the path and goes straight to the end, or stops working altogether. It's late so I'm probably missing something blindingly obvious, but any help would be appreciated.

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    I wonder if there is a way to swap the start and end TerrPts each time the button is pushed.

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    late to the party, but the simplest way IMHO is Trap Threshold (TNHscript)

    2 markers with script Trap Threshold. give one design note : threshold =1, the other design note: treshold=2.
    link the button (cd) to both the markers.
    marker 1-> cd-> first TrrPt, marker 2-> cd-> last TrrPt

    thats it.

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    nice, I'll give this a try tonight. Thanks!

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    been reading your story.. your elevator uses a L-shape.
    remembered I uses a L-shape elevator ride in "the spear of destiny". I had to use 2 TerrPts on the corner(L) . otherwise the elevator wouldn't follow the track ( I had a rails there 'guiding" the elevatorplatform) but it would flow in mid-air.
    you can check it in my mission ( miss 21, object 1209 and 1210). both have trigwaypoint script on it.
    when I push the button at the start the elevator is send to where the L shape is. if it reaches the TerrPt , that will trigger and send the elevator to the (end) TerrPt.
    so I think in our case the thresholdmarkers should be cd-ed to the 2 TerrPt's in the corner...

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