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Thread: Elden Ring

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    You okay? You seem a little on edge.

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    Spoilers are evil. Well, maybe not evil, but bad. Very bad.

    Anyway, I missed arraignment, so yeah, I'm on edge. Supposedly I'm freed from that duty because of mental illness, but, well. Let's just say that the American penal system does not treat people with mental illnesses kindly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aja View Post
    I dunno, I kinda had the same feeling, that it was Dark Soul 3 all over again. Of course I'll give From the benefit of the doubt because I've never played a game of theirs I didn't love, but I'm not overly excited for Elden Ring based purely on the trailer. I hope they incorporate some of the combat ideas from Sekiro.
    I think I'm about where you are - pumped because it's a From Software game rather than anything in particular from the trailer.

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