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Thread: Elden Ring

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    Elden Ring

    Hey guess what From Software and George R. R. Martin are making a game.

    I like the weird imagery. Uh... "elden" is Swedish for "the fire". That's all I got. HYPE!

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    I'm probably one of the only people left on earth that has never seen a single GOT episode but hearing that a acclaimed storyteller is pairing up with the gaming chops of Miyazaki is definite hype material. He does seem to have somewhat of a fetish for severed limbs however.
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    And I still haven't played Sekiro yet. I'm gonna have a Souls backlog if things keep up like this.

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    I haven't even finished Dark Souls 3 yet. I am all Soul'd out. I'm hoping this one will be less Soulsy.

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    I haven't even finished Dark Souls 1 and I'm all Dark Souls'd out. But Nioh forever, mmkay?

    Anyway, Elden Ring is - sorry to be the bearer of bad news - 'heavily based on Dark Souls', Miyazaki apparently told IGN. But there's good news too! Apparently it's so open its combat will be fundamentally different? Yeah, I don't know what that means either :U.

    But Miyazaki knows what he's doing, so we'll see.

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    Hope they make something that's more of an RPG again one day. Sekiro was fine, but too action-oriented for my taste. More Tenchu than Souls, really. But I'm glad they are moving away from Dark Souls and mixing it up a little. Can't keep making the same game over and over again without the fire going out eventually.

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    I too was a bit "soulsed" out after completing DS3 and the two expansions. While I loved the finale episode (and the two DLC to a lesser extent), it definitely felt as though they have probably taken this particular series as far as they can in terms of gameplay and overall design. Whereas DS2 improved many aspects of the combat from DS1, DS3 refined this even further while adding back the great world design that made the original such a joy to play. As neither of the sequels matched the mystique, charm or storytelling of the original, this is probably the only area where another sequel could potentially surpass it however I strongly feel that they should leave the series where it is and concentrate on new (even Souls-like) games rather than run the franchise to the ground.

    That said, I am yet to purchase Sekiro despite being pretty hyped for it. After a long hiatus, I recently started a fresh DS3 play-though on the PS4 version (I picked up a GOTY version during a sale some time ago) and am totally addicted again.

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    Didn't George R. R. Martin help with this one's lore? If so, I don't mind waiting to play it, since that means its lore will be the worst so far.

    Like, seriously. If indeed it's our beloved edgebaron Martin, then the only viable builds will be Strength, Dexterity, Abortion Magic, and Comic Relief.

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    I've only recently started playing Sekiro, but it seems as though someone from From has developed a prosthetic fetish.

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