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Thread: Elden Ring

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    Elden Ring

    Hey guess what From Software and George R. R. Martin are making a game.

    I like the weird imagery. Uh... "elden" is Swedish for "the fire". That's all I got. HYPE!

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    I'm probably one of the only people left on earth that has never seen a single GOT episode but hearing that a acclaimed storyteller is pairing up with the gaming chops of Miyazaki is definite hype material. He does seem to have somewhat of a fetish for severed limbs however.
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    And I still haven't played Sekiro yet. I'm gonna have a Souls backlog if things keep up like this.

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    I haven't even finished Dark Souls 3 yet. I am all Soul'd out. I'm hoping this one will be less Soulsy.

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    I haven't even finished Dark Souls 1 and I'm all Dark Souls'd out. But Nioh forever, mmkay?

    Anyway, Elden Ring is - sorry to be the bearer of bad news - 'heavily based on Dark Souls', Miyazaki apparently told IGN. But there's good news too! Apparently it's so open its combat will be fundamentally different? Yeah, I don't know what that means either :U.

    But Miyazaki knows what he's doing, so we'll see.

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    Hope they make something that's more of an RPG again one day. Sekiro was fine, but too action-oriented for my taste. More Tenchu than Souls, really. But I'm glad they are moving away from Dark Souls and mixing it up a little. Can't keep making the same game over and over again without the fire going out eventually.

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