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Thread: Watch Dogs Legion

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    Angry Joe Show was not kind to the game:

    They say it's full of repetitious missions (with even the tutorial mission being repeated in the exact same location with the same dialog), game crashes and save corruptions, not enough variety and broken AI. They recommend waiting till the game is a free giveaway (from I assume Epic) in 6 months. Otherwise not to bother with it.

    Was quite excited for this one, but after that, nah I'll skip it and wait for Cyberpunk.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Finally got my refund (although not the 100 points I used to get a 20% discount), and the wholo experience has somewhat tempered my enthusiasm to say the least.
    I don't see myself buying this in the immediate future.
    And if and when I do get it, it certainly won't be through Uplay, unless it's a freebie.

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    verbose douchebag
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    Did they say what the problem was Malf?

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    A shame you had some much trouble, Malf. I would've loved to hear what you think of the portrayal of London and the britts. As an outsider, it seemed pretty accurate to me. You guys all say stuff like "cor blimey iz da rozzas guv, ya betta scarpa", right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by faetal View Post
    Did they say what the problem was Malf?
    Given my experience, I am assuming gross ineptitude.
    Seriously, quite possibly the worst support experience I've ever had, with the one redeeming exception being that I did eventually get everything refunded.

    Their case handling is atrocious.

    Having raised the case, you would expect some sort of communication from them, right? Even an automated mail saying that they have received your query?
    Nope, nothing.

    So after a day or so of hearing nothing, you start at the basic level and post another comment to your case asking for an update.
    Nobody responds.

    So you're left with the only other option, which is to initiate a web-chat with an agent.
    Only, despite being an international company, chat is only available at certain times of the day, and it's not even an 8 hour window.

    You finally get an agent, and it's patently obvious they're reading from a script and are mainly just there to fend you off.
    Under no circumstances will they commit to a timeline in order to provide you with even an update for your case, and they will never put you in contact with a superior, stating that they don't have one.
    You are told to wait for an update with no idea as to when to expect that update.

    If pressed, they will tell you that support can't resolve your case, and that only the "store" team can.
    If you ask to be put through to the store team, they will tell you that they have no channel of communication with them. Which in itself raises a red flag, as if that's true, how will the team who can resolve your case ever actually hear about it?

    And here's the critical thing, that they won't tell you immediately:
    Every time you start a chat session, despite it being the only way to ever get a response from them at all, it reverts your case to square one, de-escalating it and effectively putting you back to the start. I was only told this after starting several chat sessions.

    Oh, and the icing on the cake?
    If you contact them too many times, they will threaten to ban you from support for spam.

    To add insult to injury, you will never get put through to the same agent twice, which means no one person is responsible for handling your case, which in turn means there's no personal accountability on their behalf, and therefore no reason to process cases in a timely manner.

    Fuck Ubisoft.

    Oh, and to top off this Kafkaesque nightmare, don't even bother trying to get an answer through Twitter either.
    It turns out that any tweets they receive... get logged as a new case on the same system your existing case is already on.
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    verbose douchebag
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    Location: Lyon, France
    Was about to cite Kafka, then saw your edit.
    I fucking hate modern sales support - everything is designed to make you weigh up if it's worth the bother.
    Good that you got a refund.

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