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Thread: Obscure, Niche or Unpopular Thief Fan Mission that got your attention

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    Obscure, Niche or Unpopular Thief Fan Mission that got your attention

    Of course I will be specific; I am not talking about "weird" or "creepy" or the like fan missions, those aren't even obscure, I'm sure even to this day everyone remembers Phantasmagoria 2, hell even the first one which seems to have been gone off the web strangely enough.

    Anyway...The whole idea is about a fan mission you just tried, out of curiosity, saw it somewhere, thought it would be interesting despite having low hopes, that kind of stuff.
    And most importantly, wasn't made by somebody famous at all, neither infamous. High chances are that even if you're such a socialite, you don't know the guy/gal who made it.

    I'll give an example, which is also mine: Scepter of Dor'Amal.
    According to the mission info, this one is made by a person called Jesps.

    Now, what made me wanna try this? Simply the description given in the "Brief Summaries" thread. Yep.
    It mentioned a shipwreck, abandoned mines, barely populated city and abandoned prison. A whole pack of "urban decay" love, love it!
    So I just had to try it.

    I wasn't expecting much, I was thinking this might have been Jesps first and only fan mission. For a first, if it is, it's amazing.
    Sure, it is "rough", it has missing features, bugs, bad grammar (heh, I know you Thief Fan Mission players have a peculiar taste for it) and the like, but even to this day, this is the 'unpopular' mission that keeps respawning in my memory palace.

    I remember how getting out of the shipwreck, I was in a vast desert-like area, yet it was small but looked big. There were two, maybe three ways proceeding, all lead to the spider caves.
    The spider caves would lead you to the city, the city apparently knows about the abandoned prison and the guards had a key somewhere, going there was creepy.

    Jesps, if you're still active here or ever stumble here, I have to say, you did an amazing job, considering you were able to make me keep memorizing it even though I'm a meaningless guy here.

    So, any "strange" mission from strange people you guys played that gave you quite an impact?

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    porto by cardia,second version but not the music on it,the first version music i found more enjoyable

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    I've moved this to the FM forum which is more appropriate for the question.

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    I always loved Turn Of the Tide by madwolf. The mission has very simple brushes, at places, also some sense of scale could have been used here and there. But the unique, foggy port town atmosphere, which reminds me of late autumn or early winter, with all those pubs and pirates, smugglers fighting with each other, and smoking chimneys all over the town just made it very special for me, although it's not a famous and not a top quality fan mission. Sometimes I just play it from DromEd with Ai Aware just to enjoy the whole vibe.

    Stowaway is another early Thief 2 piece with similar feelings to it for me. Some say it has it own bugs, just like objectives never ticking, or some people also found the architecture way to repetitive and too many rooms without a function. But the whole late summer afternoon remote island setting makes it feel really special, and the bath house just adds to the atmoshphere. While walking the nearly deserted city streets with a nearby port with a ship, bugclouds here and there, and cleverly done ambients with crickets, you just believe you are actually there on an island inhabited by thieves, far from everything. Nice one!

    By the way, as for the mission by Jesps mentioned in the starting post of this thread, I think it was originally planned to be a winter mission with ice and snow, and later on it was changed to normal setting by the author due to the city looking "too simple" with all those plain white snowy places. But there were teaser screenshots with thieves patrolling on a ship, and the ship was frozen into the bay, all the landscape around it was white. This whole atmoshpere with the thieves and icy cold winter would made it even better for me!

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    That really does sound interesting, I'll have to give "Turn of the Tide" a try for sure.

    Scepter of Dor'Amal had a different setting? Interesting...Would have been nice to see a different version I suppose. I'm more sad at how this mission was supposed to be an "episode", all we got was this mission and that's it.

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    Hm I may have a few, and I'm unsure if they truly fit, but one that came to mind while reading this was The Fever by Random_Taffer. I've been around the forums for quite a long time, and if I'm not mistaken, this author is a fairly familiar name, but either way that mission always felt so interesting.

    Its quite elementary actually. It used all of the fundamental Thief 2 objects, and carried a pretty light-hearted, short but fun/creepy plot. You don't even play as Garrett. I'm guessing its simplistic nature was what made it fun back then and ahead too. It was one of those cloudy day plays for me. One of my favorite ambients is used in the beginning apartment as well, and I love when authors know how to use that one in certain spaces. Its so simple but effective to create eeriness (there's FMs I severely wish I could remember that uses it too because weirdly enough, there's times I'd just not play and go to sleep to the sounds of that ambient and the distance noise of guards/servants passing through, haha)

    Now that I'm somewhat making my way back to playing TG/T2, I'd love to revisit and discover FMs that capture the same spirit. I'm realizing I like the simple but effective FMs these days. I will be trying the ones mentioned here as well.

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    Just tried "Turn of the Tide", it is very atmospheric indeed, very interesting FM for a first-timer, thanks for the suggestion ticky.

    Beauty-Man, yes, Random_Taffer is 'popular' indeed, but even heroes started from zero
    I'll try "The Fever", I played quite a few Random_Taffer FMs myself (Cell 6, The Drymian Codex, Godbreaker, Ashes & Dust...Pretty much ALL of them seen in so I'm actually expecting such.
    EDIT: Actually, nevermind. I DO remember playing The Fever, it's great, you play as a Hammerite and you 'travel' inside a little girl's dream. The best part is that, the Trickster taunts you about how the Builder is not real, but then he goes and says "Not everything is untrue. - A friend". Great short mission, not typical of Thief at all.

    Anyone else got more?

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    I think R Soul's A Job Well Done didn't get enough attention ever since it was released in 2015. It's a moody city mission with a semi-active plot, which probably won't blow your mind but is definitely worth playing. If you like it, try R Soul's earlier missions. They are also rarely talked about for some reason.

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    Tried out "Turn of the Tide", really is an amazing mission for a first-timer, thanks for the recommendation ticky.

    I'm gonna try out A Job Well Done.

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