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Thread: message required ahead, therefore time for losing sanity...

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    message required ahead, therefore time for losing sanity...

    Ahh, message...., contraption ahead

    pointless but I did it!

    Could this be a joy? or rubbish?


    I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3 lately, and I kept thinking about the way people manage to use the messaging system to convey all kinds of ideas despite the limited and sometimes quite random set of available words and phrases, and also that the way the words are sorted makes it kind of hard for me to find what I'm looking for when writing my own messages.
    The idea of of plugging all the Dark Souls templates and words into my random generator wouldn't go away, so I spent half an hour getting a list of all the phrases and setting this up. It supports the word lists for all three games (though I suspect the capitalisation is wrong on the Dark Souls 1 words, which I copied from the wiki.)

    Dark Souls random phrase generator

    As I said above: pointless but I did it!

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    Ahh, lightning..., Time for coffin

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