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Thread: Thief 2 crashing when starting a new game

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    Thief 2 crashing when starting a new game

    I just updated Thief 2 from version 1.26a to 1.26b and I just discovered an error, it crashes when I start a new game and or I load the beginning of the 1st mission from an existing save game and then restart it to see if it still works, it doesn't. What is causing the game to crash unexpectedly without showing an error message? I installed T2Fix just fine like normal, but I don't know if it's the new update that needs to be re-released. Just wanting to let you guys know so it can be fixed, thanks! Update: I just figured out the problem, it was because I had the Thief 2 HD Mod installed, I'll have to re-install it again since installing version 1.26b must had messed up the HD Mod resources and needs to be reset. Sorry for thinking it was T2Fix in the 1st place. But this good to know so if anyone installs T2Fix version 1.26b with Thief 2 HD Mod installed, sorry you'll have to re-install it again.
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    well yeah, reapplying the patcher (any patcher) will reset/break anything and everything (that also modifies the core files) you might have installed on top.

    I'll probably talk to Bentraxx at some point and see whether his hd mods can be made a bit more patcher friendly.

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    Sounds good, keep me posted for what he can come up with to see if updating to the next version for future updates of T2Fix or TFix. Hopefully it can be possible to install the update without re-installing the HD mods for both games. It would save some time.

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