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Thread: System Shock 2 stories - 2019 edition (updated)

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    System Shock 2 stories - 2019 edition (updated)

    Back in 2004 I NaNoWriMo'd a fanfic bridging the Deus Ex and System Shock timelines, blended with a bunch of other references.

    As SS2 is getting close to its 20th anniversary, I've been revisiting my short stories and fanfics, cleaning them up, trying to improve the style without changing too much, eliminating the typos (will I?) and overall getting back to that universe. It's not a full rewrite, as that's not my intention, just a polish.

    I've started publishing them in episodic format on Wattpad:

    Genesis - Shock Zero - now complete.

    First Try - My very first one, from back in Dec 2002

    New chapter every day or couple of days. Next is "A System Shock 2 story" starring Grassi and Delacroix. And then... I'll keep it under wraps for now.

    Stay tuned
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    Stay tuned for the beginning of the next revival in the coming days.

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