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Thread: REQUEST FOR BETA TESTERS (Thief 2 FM 'Compulsory Egress')

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    REQUEST FOR BETA TESTERS (Thief 2 FM 'Compulsory Egress')

    Hey everyone,
    My first FM, Compulsory Egress, is ready for testing!

    It is a Thief 2 mission (NewDark 1.26), heavily inspired by the look and feel of Thief Gold. It's a medium-to-large town and a large City Hall, with straightforward objectives but lots of open-ended exploration in a dense, grimy borough. It mainly uses stock Thief 1/2 assets, some of which are faithfully modified, with a healthy serve of custom objects and textures in places. I wouldn't call it a 'rooftops' mission, but there's lots of climbing and jumping opportunities if you want them!

    And perhaps some select screenshots to whet your appetite...





    I have a testing forum set up at Shalebridge has been sluggish and/or inaccessible for a few weeks; Tannar has advised me that Southquarter is far more reliable (and is likely to be so for the foreseeable future). If you aren't already, I recommend you register at Southquarter, so I can grant you access to the testing forum.

    If you're interested, either reply in this thread or send me a PM here at TTLG.

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    looks amazing ,good luck on testing

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    I registered at South Quarter only recently so my account hasn't been activated yet, but once that's sorted out I'd be glad to test your mission.

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    I'm in. I already have a Southquarter account.

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    I will test it, just need my account activated.

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    Got to give this one a skip. I'm working the next few months away from my home computer at a ski field. So no decent system or time to test.

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    Looks very interesting, if shalebridgde forum wasn't giving so many problems now i probably would have already my mission ready for release and i would be free to offer myself to test this mission, but if you still accept testers later i can test your new mission later.
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    I'd be delighted to test you FM once my account is activated on Southquarter; in the meantime why not seting up a discord server?

    EDIT: Name is Squadafroinx
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squadarofl View Post
    I'd be delighted to test you FM once my account is activated on Southquarter; in the meantime why not seting up a discord server?
    This^ Discord servers are just so much better for these types of things.

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    I have activated everyone's account now, so you should be good to go. If anyone else joins and needs activation, just PM me here.

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    Thanks everyone! I'm blown away by the quick and enthusiastic response; hopefully it's warranted!

    I actually have absolutely zero experience with Discord, and using a testing forum seemed like the de facto standard, and a bit of a tradition around here. I've already heard from authors saying they're using Discord to test. Maybe something to consider in future. For now, my thanks to Tannar and Brethren for handling the technical side of Southquarter, and thanks again for all your interest.
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    made a SQ account and am interested if there is still room

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    Beta-testing is essentially done! The finished product should be available sometime in the next few days!

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