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Thread: T2 light problem

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    T2 light problem

    Just reinstalled T2 with the T2Fix and then NecroAge; EP2; and Thief2HDMod1.0 in that order, and then copying the cam_mod file too.

    All looked good at first except on 1st mission the light propogation from this light source isn't working. I'm stood right next to it and the gem is still full dark

    That is with that gamma turned up too, without it the wall etc around the light are in darkness...

    Also, this.. not sure how to describe it except can't see into the room (all black) until step into it then it is fine...

    Just wondering what I cneed to do to fix it?

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    you don't use EP2, NecroAge and HDmod together, you pick just one.
    restart the level using the restart button in the menu.

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    Ah, okay, thanks Is any one of them recommended?

    To be fair to myself the pinned thread for T2Fix doesn't say to only pick one - or at least I've read through it twice and I'm sure I didn't see it.

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    right - I'll tell Jax64 to mention it (it's in the TFix topic). I'd go with EP2 if we are talking T2. NecroAge has a bit darker tone, and hdmod overhauls the levels as well, this might be a good thing or not, depending on your preference.

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