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Thread: T2 Ultimate difficulty

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    T2 Ultimate difficulty

    Is it possible to get Ultimate Difficulty working properly on T2?

    I installed T2 witth T2Fix and HDMod. All works great. I backed up dark.gam files in both the T2 game directory and the HDMOD subdirectory and replaced them both with the Ultimate Difficulty dark.gam and it worked a treat... except UD stops working whenever the game is or the level is restarted.

    Is there any way to get UD to work without copying the dark.gam file before loading the game every time?

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    hdmod had its own version that should work ok for hdmod, as for vanilla (or rather, vanilla T2Fixed), the answer is yes, but someone has to convert it to dml. someone very, very (Dromed) smart, so not me.

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    Ah ok, thanks. Is the hdmod version incorporated in the hdmod patch or is it a separate download? Is there a link somewhere?

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    looking at the downloads, seems like it's only available for TG, so you are out of luck here.

    also yeah, using the old UD dark.gam is guaranteed to bug things out.

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    Try this download link:-



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    as mentioned, not going to work - you can't just replace a custom gamesys with another custom gamesys and expect things to not break (meaning doing that will not make your T2 install explode, and the game may start up, but things will be seriously broken under the hood. it's like replacing a car engine with a very different car engine and not connecting all the cables properly - the car may even start up if you are lucky, but your ride is not going to be smooth).
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