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Thread: New T2 Mission : "Les Paolis" updated to V. 1.2 (09-12-2019)

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    Heh! Thanks for the prompt reply, but I found it on my own just a few minutes ago. I actually had the strongest suspicion of where it should be, but I overlooked the most OBVIOUS and simple thing. That's always the way of it!.

    Nearly done. Enjoying it immensely!

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    feeling like a failure how do you get into the cathedral/church?!

    nevermind, folks, just found out: frob the door - geez
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardia View Post
    Yes, the R is from Renaud Cocco. do you have new mantle enable?
    Hey there, I just got T2 working on my mom's newer pc here in Sweden, since I'm stuck here at least Another 30 Days I may as well try to get it to work.

    new mantle enable, how do I check to see if that is on again? It's been years since I installed my old T2 CD-ROM's to a computer. My computers at home have just Always had it over the years of 'immigration' of HDDs. This one is a SSD. Am a bit rusty...

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    Hi Acolyte6, i will also be forced to get stuck at home for and indeterminate period, i'm asthmatic and should avoid this Covid-19 as most as possible.
    To answer your question, check your cam_ext file and you should have this entry this way:

    ; -------------
    ; game specific
    ; -------------

    ; enable new mantling code

    Also you should have NewDark 1.27 in order to run this mission, and don't use any HD mod otherwise gameplay will be laggy and other issues will come as well, read well the first post.

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