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Thread: Thief vs. talktotransformer

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    Thief vs. talktotransformer

    I decided to run some phrases through the openAI text prediction site,, and this is what I got.

    And so Karras did set quill to paper to record His accomplishments, the most important of humankind before Him and certainly after, performed in the service of the Master Builder.

    He then, on behalf of His Maker, went to gather up His laborer's tools and tools with the knowledge.

    It was in this that His Creator sent His servants to accomplish His work.

    The most important part of it, was that the men assembled on this platform at this very moment.

    The first was the First Engineer:

    And so Karras and His Company went in, and, having assembled everything necessary, they worked in all the craft of this wonderful undertaking.

    That being done, they came back and again, upon the ground, in the presence of the builders, said to the First Engineer, That for the greatest benefit to us and all mankind, we shall assemble all that we could assemble upon this platform, for which we have laid this building.

    And therefore this first platform was established, a first stone of which were His Word and His Word's Word, as is written, unto the Lord.

    And thus was His presence made known, unto His servants, to His servants unto His servants.

    Thus it is, as written on the page, and as we see, that we have the first stone of the future Temple


    I was a, kid. No parents, no home...

    Running messages and picking pockets to keep
    my ribs from meeting my spine.

    I thought...

    It had been so long since I looked around and

    moved around.

    I wanted to get back to that old place again.

    I wanted to...

    I could hear your voice.

    My mom...

    she wasn't the one that was supposed to be here.

    But it was okay if she missed me.

    I wouldn't miss you or her. Not because I was a kid, not because I was angry, but because I love you, and I've known for so long...

    I could feel you all right. I could feel you crying as you fell.


    I don't know who made me want you back.

    No... It's not a question.

    I've known you since I was, what, 4 years old?

    It was... I couldn't believe it... It was like I'd never seen you before.

    It's not that I don't respect you anymore, but I know you're not the kid that I thought you were...

    I'll think about this.



    and I'm telling you that the only stench heartier than your rotting burrick of a master, is the liquor on his fetid breath! If he comes near Lady van Vernon again, we'll boil his knickers off like a steward! Now I know the man's a bit of a tease, that you're going off to the country, but if he can be made to come back from the woods, it'd mean as much to us as any of us are to you, and when we get a little settled ourselves, we'll leave the world to you! The town, that will never be as full of our friends as any other, is not so big, by the way, and so it may seem to us to be a good thing for you, but it isn't! They're all out, their wives are so far gone over with it, they won't see your brother again, and we can't even think of sending you, you wouldn't be worth the trouble in that town!"

    I was just too old to keep looking at Lady van Vernon without shaking my head, but at that very moment she pulled a shawl over my brow, so that I heard no sound from the back door. At last she said, gravely, "If we get into these woods with him, there are only three things we can do. One, he'll
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    Quote Originally Posted by ganac View Post
    we'll boil his knickers off like a steward!
    I'm stealing that....just letting you know!

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