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Thread: TG FM - A Night in Old Quarter (2019-07-09)

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    Quote Originally Posted by baeuchlein View Post
    [...] And as someone from Germany, I also appreciated the mission's translation.
    This mission hasn't been translated since Korthak is a german author ...

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    Ah, good point!

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    • Normal difficulty
    • 2 hours and 13 minutes
    • 2932 of 4400 total loot
    • needed 1 hint to complete the mission
    • found the sun key and the moon key

    Elements I particularly liked:
    • A Night in Old Quarter felt like a skacky or Melan mission in the way one can get lost and disappear from the streets into a sewer which then seamlessly leads a dilapidated, dark house but offers the chance to climb through a window into a brightly lit, splendid manor.
    • The detailed architecture and perfect use of ambient sounds is also reminiscent of the stellar missions by skacky and Melan.
    • The ingame map by Yandros looks fabulous. It took some time until I started using it, but then it gave a good overview of the city streets.
    • I like mission that have candles which can both be extinguished and relighted.
    • The journals are superbly written, at least in the German version. Their style is varied and they read like they were written by different people.

    Elements which detracted from my experience:
    • I was unable to find the compendium without hints. I searched the room where it is hidden twice, but never saw the hidden lever. The mission would be better without this mandatory secret. Missing it meant I spent a long time searching the mission for clues, increasingly frustrated. When I noticed I had stopped having fun, I went to the forums for a hint. Never a good feeling.
    • The story is disappointing. Just another night robbing the citizens of the City to pay the landlord. There are no stakes, no surprises. I appreciated there is at least some background about the history of the Ashford family and about the current Lord Ashford’s relationship with the Hammerites.
    • I never found my way into the Sealed Area and did not find the Ashford Crypt. I found a door in the north I could not pick near the Sealed Area, but not the key that unlocks it.

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    This is a nice mission, loved it! I havenīt played many thief gold missions so far, but this one is my favourite so far. The one thing that I liked most was the KI since it was not so annoying like in the other missions I played.
    I also really liked the sealed section with its atmosphere and I liked how you randomly placed loot everywhere throughout town
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    Finally sat down and committed myself to finishing this mission. Nice city mission with plenty of surprises and discoveries. Enjoyed solving the mystery of the wife that was planning on leaving her husband. I used to not like having to "loot hunt" but I've come to appreciate fan mission designers that use this tool to force players to explore and find all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies. I did have to consult the forum a couple of times but it was never to the point that I found the mission frustrating. My only suggestion is maybe I have some notes on an otherwise detailed map. Overall great mission. Thank you and cannot wait until the next one.

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    I really loved this mission. . .
    . . .up until I discovered that I need a particular file to make the last objective I had left to do work properly. That was a bummer.

    But I really enjoyed everything else about this mission. Very nice.

    But that file. . .

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    I'm replaying Korthak's excellent mission on expert and ended up 30 loot short.

    Checking fortuni's walkthru, I suspect it is this item...

    NW Town area > Tower area > pool behind tower > street level > by NW doorway > gold plate... 30

    I've done a quick restart of the FM on easy and 3 x BJs to the tower and still can't locate it.

    Anyone have any details on where this loot item is?

    Thanks Korthak for a great TG FM for a relaxing evening play.

    Now to find that last 30 !! TIA

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    Yes it's there. Check the pool of water behind the tower, it's the small blue rectangle SW of the tower on the map.
    Guess you may have been misled by 'street level', will amend that.

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    Arghhh... thanks fortuni. Yes I did assume the NW door was not the tower door.

    You don't want to know how many times I went 'thru there and checked that spot (and the other arches/doorways). This time I did the swim with my eyes open!

    Cheers, all loot now. Thanks for all your walkthrus work.

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