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Thread: Where Is My Internet

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    Where Is My Internet

    The internet seems like a foreign place to me lately. Maybe it's because I use my iPhone so much that when I browse web pages they seem strange and unfamiliar. Sometimes I feel like that A.I. kid in the movie A.I. when he is brought back to life by future humans and kept in a place that is similar to what was familiar to him. It's also strange to have that "You can never go home again" feeling that relates to the Internet. Is this just what happens when people get older or does anyone else get this feeling occasionally?

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    El Shagmeister
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    Welcome to the Internet, please keep any and all appendages to yourself, fasten your seat-belts and wipe your nose. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.


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    For a long time I felt like time just froze, like the way a chat could be necro'd even years later as if it was still happening. That was maybe Web 2.0 (social and online world merge) up to Millenials crossing 35 and the elusive Gez Z suddenly now taking over the zeitgeist from out of the blue, that is to say, 2006-2016.

    And now. I have no idea what's happening now. The generation running the show were born after 2000 and have never known a world outside web 2.0 and total merging of the social and online worlds. The idea of a "right to privacy" is one interesting window into the seachange, as in privacy isn't really a thing anymore because nothing is so sacred or embarassing that people can't get a laugh out of it, almost as if they're entitled to it, to say nothing of ownership of memes. But it's a wholely new hybrid world we're in now I think, where few of the old norms of social life can survive without some major reconception.

    That's my take recently. It's a much bigger fish to me than just I don't get what's really happening online anymore. I'd really like someone articulate from Gen Z to put their worldview into words, as they could make sense of it better than I.

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    Cache it before it is too late...

    Edit:Yeah, too wide of a hall of fame, memory lane...

    Cause when I read stuff like this;
    It's a much bigger fish to me than just I don't get what's really happening online anymore.
    I remind myself why TTLG would always be somewhat special...
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    Woah I still have the old nick in there!

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    God damn. That is a very old photo of me. Was super skinny back then. Very different now.

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    The internet is simultaneously a better and worse place to be than it was 15, 20 years ago. On the one hand, there is so much more at your fingertips in terms of information, entertainment, and social connection. On the other hand, (relative*) anonymity and an audience has always brought out the worst in people, and there's a lot more people on the internet now. Also it's being looted by corporations and the billionaire ghouls who run them.

    What's striking to me though is how much the culture has changed. Even by the 2000s when teenagers were flooding to MySpace and LiveJournal in droves with XDs and JNCOs and Foamy the goddamn squirrel, the internet was a markedly different place compared to what it was in the late 80s when it was little more than a wasteland of BBSes. That's a little before my time, but oh I do remember the turn of the century. And here's the thing: the internet is absolutely littered with the detritus of old parts of the internet. Occasionally whole abandoned portions will disappear, like small towns sucked into the earth by a sinkhole; but there's still a lot of internet history that's still out there. And even among the major platforms that aren't going to go away anytime soon there are things that represent a different era. Twitter has been a thing for over a decade now -- there are tweets from the Bush years!

    The internet seems unfamiliar because it is always changing.

    * It's absolutely appalling what kind of garbage people are willing to sign their names to on Facebook, but because these are complete strangers without much readily-available personal information, they're effectively anonymous until someone recognizes them or tracks them down; and it's not like Facebook is gonna do anything about them most of the time when they're too busy forcing trans people to use their deadnames.

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    Youtube has become a very different place as well, due to corporations exploiting copyright infringement claims, to take 100% of the income of a video for as little as 3 seconds of content. Its a complete disregard of the "fair use" law, and is an absolute disgrace. Often its used by companies who don't even own the licence / copyright to said content. I've been fighting such companies (successfully so far) ever since I took up streaming.

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    Youtube is also just a horrible place in general that refuses to do anything to protect its users until it affects the bottom line, like when they only did something about the pedophiles who post "nice feet" on videos of 9-year-olds giving dance recitals when advertisers got upset. And even then, they took a half-assed solution that lets them avoid liability while at the same time doing nothing about the pedophiles, because they don't want the pedophiles to leave. Pedos bring ad views, and that's what matters to Youtube.

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    Well, that's capitalism for you. Money rules. I remember a time before the internet became commercial, but I don't have the energy just now for that six-hour rant. Let's just say that some things are much worse, and some are a lot better.

    Oddly disturbing, I still look exactly the same as that photo from 12 years ago, except a little bit fatter and wrinklier. I suppose that's an upside of never changing your fashion or hairstyle. Beard is a bit longer, but I usually shave that every three months or so, except for this year, not shaved since the funeral. Good fun to see old photos of people I've not spoken to in a long time.

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    Yeah, the Internet has definitely gotten better in some ways and worse in others. I find myself always looking for a "Like" button or wanting to answer everything with a meme and when I visit this forum I actually have to think a bit and type stuff in a reply ... It's a bit like going from a laptop to a typewriter. It's just a bit of a reality check to go away for a long time and come back and expect everything to be the same with the same people, and I'm also probably suffering from mid-life crisis.

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    The whole thing just feels more corporation run and less run by everyday people. It used to be A LOT more shades of grey law wise all over.

    Now sure there is still a fair bit of it around, but much of it is hidden away, blocked by governments requiring VPNs to access or to know where to look.

    Indie game devs now need to be a lot more careful when doing a fan remake of a game, otherwise the big corporations will come a knocking like with the case of AM2R. This does depend on the company in question though. There used to be a very vibrant fan remakes community out there. Now sure there still some (eg you only need look over on the retro remakes forum or on retro gamer magazine's forum). Its just more hidden away now.

    On the positive side there is now a wealth of great shows on Youtube and there is some damn fine gaming related sites like RPS and Kotaku who aren't influenced by cash for comment style stuff and expose companies that attempt it. Facebook Marketplace is a newish thing and has risen up to be a highly useful place to sell stuff (I make around 50-60% of my sales on there nowadays).

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