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Thread: Thief 1/2 Playerbox

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    Thief 1/2 Playerbox

    In Thief1/2 I played around with the FOV-Setting. I wanted to be as close to the wall/furniture (with the player-view) as possible and ended up with FOV-Value 40! That is really narrow.
    In Thief3 Im satisfied with 60, but yeah, different engine.

    So I guess that the invisible Playerbox is blocking you from getting too close to stuff?
    Im sure there is no console-command for decreasing the size/width, or is there?
    In DARK.cfg there is the entry
    ; default object model for player
    player_model playbox
    but it doesnt change anyting noticible when I comment it.

    Would I have to edit the playerbox in DromEd if thats even possible?

    The Playbox is this thing, right?

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    Moved this to The Editor's Guild as it is a technical question that might not get answered in Thief Gen.

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    I don’t understand what you’re getting at in terms of FOV and getting close to things, but I can answer part of your question:

    The playbox model has nothing to do with player physics at all. Garrett’s physics is hardcoded: he’s basically two floating spheres in a sort-of-snowman configuration, the larger of which is 2.5 Dromed units [feet] in diameter. This is what limits how close he can get to objects.

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    AFAIK the player gets as close to the walls and other solid terrain without clipping or entering the solid terrain. Doung so would result in the player getting stuck and possibly a game crash. In dromed if the player starts off in solid terrain the player falls what seems like forever.

    If you stand next to a wall and it seems like you should be closer, remember that Garrett has a body width in the lower sphere and a head width in the upper sphere. It would seem natural to stand with a shoulder next to a wall and have space in between your head and the wall.

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    Okay, thank you.

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