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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

    The story of YOUR name please.
    How did it come to GRUNDBEGRIFF, or SDM or what's the story of the (bugs) bunny terminator?

    Good stories! Positive posts!

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    Black- I use this for all internet stuff; it fits into any genre well and sounds cool. No funny story, I'm afraid.

    Surripio ergo sum

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    Little Girl Blue

    My name comes from a song by the fabulous Rodgers & Hart song writing team.
    I fell in love with it when I first heard Judy Garland sing the song.

    It's always been a difficult thing for me to talk about...I mean, when one of your legs is a pig, people can't help saying 'Oh, there's a pig there', and that..really starts to hurt after awhile.

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    I've had the nick Stitch for a long time. It is, in fact, my "stage" last name. I originally was drawn to the way stitches takes different materials and then makes them one whole piece. Thus was I dubbed Stitch.

    Then I discovered there are tons of Stitches online, so I added the number of His Dark Majesty to the end of my name.


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    My name is David. Back when we were little kids, my younger brother (who has a talent for angering me) called me Daveboy. Again and again and again. Then he came up with the classic gem: whenever I would rage or complain about something, he would cock his head and say in a sickeningly sweet patronizing tone: "Daveboy like-y?" (pronouced "like-ee", try saying out loud) Well, I eventually liked the sound of it and kept it as my nick pretty much everywhere.


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    Thanks for editing your posting, Black.
    It was just that I definitely don't like it when people are speaking "on my behalf" without me having asked them to do so - be it in real life or in the web.

    (we could have a further conversation by editing our postings now all over each day - to confuse the others.)

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    Peeper Storm

    I actually wanted to use my "real" handle, the one I've been using for the last 12 years for everything from net games to CB radio, but some $%^&* already took it.

    So I used an anagram of my name instead.

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    Hmm.. looks like you're too late lytha, i and countless others have seen the uncensored truth! Mwahahaha.

    Oh yeah, to anyone who is remotely interested, my name has nothing to do with
    a) sexual depravity
    b) some crap band

    and everything to do with
    a) my initials
    b) some thief

    All mahon people are shams.

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    My name is the name of the Monkey King in Journey to the West, a famous Chinese story (full name Sun Wu Cong). You may know the story as it has been made into a comedy called Monkey Magic (which I haven't seen much off).

    I like the names meaning. Wu = comprehend/understand and Cong is a noun meaning nothing. It's got a fairly spiritual meaning and I like it's sound (in Mandarin especially).

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    Cray Man

    Well, I have been here for quite some time, though I have not always been 'Cray Man'. During that time I was dissapointed to learn that the crayman in Thief was not very popular. They were also misunderstood by most people. They thought that they were either Woodsie beasts, or undead. They are neither, they are peaceful, and only attack you because your trespassing in their home.

    Now I personally really liked the Crayman, especially for their use in the original Lost City. They have got such cool evil faces, they dance, and they make clicking/screeching sounds. Plus they run funny.
    When I heard that Thief 2 was going to dump all the wierd creatures and undead down the toilet, I realised that the world may never see a crayman again. So I created this name as an eternal testement to the crayman's greatness.
    So now you know, and no I will NOT tell you who I was before.

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    My name comes from a TFC clan. I used to go by the online name of "Calisto", a name I liked every since my childhood for some strange reason, but then I joined a clan and my name changed.

    I'd show up for meetings and such via ICQ chat and everyone there (about 10-15 people) would be so serious and have no humor. So, with my sick sense of humor and all, I decided to start throwing gay sexual inuendos out to people, playing off the words they previously said. This, mixed with the fact that I play as an Engineer and love Emping guys from behind when they're running away with the flag, caused my online buddies to call me BackDoor.

    I took "BackDoor", and since I love playing Thief and all the FM's, I thought of "Bandit". Thus, "BackDoorBandit". This name suits both communities, whether it's the thief community or as my gay inuendo persona in TFC.

    And before anyone asks, "NO", I am really NOT gay.

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    Yep. Simple as that.

    Hammer, Anvil, Forge and Fire Chase away the hoofed liar.
    Roof and doorway, Block and Beam, Chase the Trickster from our dream

    Leader and founder of the SPCL. Join today!

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    Medlar Shyloc

    No great or funny story I'm afraid, just when asked to provide a user name when I wasn't expecting too I used my two dogs names Medlar & Shyloc, they are Manchester Terriers . They do have "official" Kennel Club names but too long to use for every day. The name seems to suit the forum, bit silly tho'.Their names fit them pretty well, Shyloc likes her pound of flesh and Medlar does just that!

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    Sneaksie Thiefsie

    This will probably get me banned, but what the hell...? I can guess at the story behind any person who has sneaksie before the rest of their name. Basically, I think that they looked at mine, liked it, and then edited it, ie Sneaksie Taffersie.

    As for me? I just liked the name and no-one had done it.

    Sneaksie Thiefsie

    The paths of thief and god are worn as one into the earth

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    It's a subatomic particle. When I was reading particle physics, it got hung on me 'cause I'm "quarky".

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    Acquired my name about ten years ago from an episode of "Now Nordine" a half-hour radio show featuring Ken "word jazz" Nordine. Among the mutterings he uttered one was:

    Absinthe....makes...the heart grow fonder?

    Since most sites don't accept words in the dictionary I had to alter the spelling slightly.

    Garrett's Notebook

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    I was taking a mythology class at the time and was too lazy to come up with a more original name. And after seeing the thousands of Phoenix's that populate the web I wish I had, especially considering this turned out to be the only forum I post to with any regularity. Oh, well.

    "Please be warned- A misguided soul..."

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    Somebody else has my other name of Moon Jackal.

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    Funny story: I was actually thinking of starting a thread exactly like this a few weeks ago, but then decided against. I gues that it was a mistake. Oh well, great minds think alike, no?

    Anyway I have a relitively long story to go with my name. Its actual spelling is "Cpt. Sqweky" And I have no idea where it came from. You see, I was at wrestling practice one day (NO, I AM NOT A WRESTLER.) and one of my friends and I were just messing around and talking, and I don't remember the conversation, but it somehow led up to me saying "... or face the Wrath of Captain Squeaky!" So my friend asks "Who's Cpatain Squeaky?" I have no Idea, so On the sopt I say "Captain Squeaky is a rubber mouse." Now, the name Captain Squeaky appealed to me, but I couldn't just go with the flow and spell it right, oh no. So I Purposely mispelled it Sqweky. And abbreviated Captain to Cpt. and ended up with Cpt. Sqweky. And I've used it ever scince.
    So therefor, as Cpt. Sqweky is a rubber mouse, and I am Cpt. Sqweky: I can honestly say that I am a rubber mouse.
    i hope that this has enlightened you.

    That dog? That dog's ten dollars...
    ...Here's your ten dollars. Go buy yourself ten more dogs.
    New quote people! See if you can get this one. *rubs hands as he laughs evilly*

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    You wish...

    "Childhood's over the moment you know you're gonna die."-As soon as you're born, you start to die...

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    Nova Force

    My namw was gonna be Wedge after the pilot in StarWars. (i use it in all games and other things etc.) but some guy took it. It also pisses me off cause when i release my level i'm gonna have to use Nova Force unless there is someway to change my name.

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    D'Juhn Keep

    My username of choice is Lord Iggles or in Star Wars (( sim site) Mat-Ste Daewoo

    I managed to not get my password from the Lord Iggles user and so I decided to take my name from an agonoid out of Red Dwarf

    D'Juhn Keep-The Junk Heap

    I created Lord and Lady Iggles as a testament to my favourite name. That name though has no story, I just thought of it.

    Praise be to Almighty Haribo

    Head of Public Relations in the SPCB

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    I usually go under Zeke or ElectricEagle, but someone else had nabbed the former and the latter just didn't fit with the thief ethos (wrong word? probably). I picked Nightvision because Garret can see in the dark, see?
    It's also sufficiently close to Nightfall, a name i've always liked.

    We wrote an allegory of your regress
    in other people's tears and blood;
    The tentative poetics of your rise
    from a mere and shoddy grace.
    and those who found you,
    took, remade you
    ('Hey, my boy, it's you and us Arrows now,
    our lunge and speed and bloody secret:
    the way to a man's heart is through his chest!')

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    Tragedy ahead:

    I was born with Ervasti as my last name, but when my parents divorced, I got my mothers maiden (is that the correct word?) name, as I stayed with her, which is Krum.

    So, when I got to 7th grade we moved to this damn small town in the middle of nowhere(still live here after 8 or something years). And my schoolmates twisted that Krum into krummi. And it kinda stuck...

    Strike hot iron, and call forth sparks.
    Strike a man, and call forth fury.
    To shape man or metal to thy will, thou must strike with force..

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    Sneaksie Taffersie

    sorry sneaksie thiefsie, i though of mine then noticed that you had the same name, sorry, but i thought of this myself. the way it goes. but as you see it is a good name, coz lots seem to be useing it.

    The Sneaksiest one

    Founder of the BBTZOE go here now manfool

    And the SFEC go here now manfool

    umm and the SFEBB so go here now manfool

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