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Thread: T2FMDML: A Collection of NewDark Thief 2 FM Fixes

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    T2FMDML: A Collection of NewDark Thief 2 FM Fixes

    As a result of the many reports of particular fan missions exhibiting issues in a NewDark environment, there have been efforts to improve compatibility with these missions; however, the manner in which these fixes are presented can make it difficult for average users to correctly apply them.

    T2FMDML is a collection of both preexisting and entirely new fixes for many older Thief 2 fan missions that have known issues with NewDark. It is currently included in the latest release of T2Fix, but can also be obtained in a standalone form here if so desired. This archive was complied through the combined efforts of members fortuni, Unna Oertdottir, and myself following a discussion on the matter and vital work by member voodoo47.

    These fixes were developed in a T2Fix environment and are thus recommended to be used in such, though will likely function in other environments provided the newest script modules are used. This package will continue to be updated as new fixes surface.

    T2FMDML currently addresses issues in the following fan missions and campaigns:

    Strife Campaign
    The Bathhouse
    Trickster's Gem Mine: Errand Boy
    Curse of the Carnival
    Fortune and Glory
    Jail Break
    Mr. J's Ring
    Space Thief
    The Ties that Bind
    Train Spotting
    Hammerite's Brutality
    The Keepers are Thirsty
    Lord Alan's Basement
    A Night in the Pub
    A Night's Stroll
    Old Comrades, Old Debts
    Safe Haven
    Shining Standards
    Breakout from Apocalypse Prison
    Chronicle of the Metal Age: The Curiosity Shop
    The Diamond
    Elevator Mission
    Garrett and the Beanstalk
    A Keeper's Betrayal
    The Library: The Town
    Lord Fishkill's Curse
    Mad as a Hatter
    Volcano Island Prison Facility
    World's Collide
    Bloody Ruins
    Trickster's Gem Mine: Chasm of the Lost Parts 1 and 2
    Night at the Theatre
    The Search for Crom's Blade
    Akhenatens Tomb
    Calendra' s Legacy
    Chon Migoroshi
    Sisterhood of Azura: Estheridge
    The Hashishans
    Main Shock
    Ravencourt's Mansion
    Ruins of Originia
    Torner Island
    Freedom for Nepumuk
    Damsel in Distress
    Fletcher's Final Mistake
    Frozen Mines
    A Guard called Benny
    Heist Society
    House of Random
    McLeod's Revenge
    Meeting: FABT0
    Midday Escape
    Properly Paranoid
    The Relic
    The Saint
    The Cell Next Door
    The Clean Out
    The Creepy Temple
    The Curse
    CZSK Council
    Saints and Thieves
    A Water Arrow in the Fire
    Horns of Canzo: A Long way Up
    Dead Flower
    Undead Reckoning
    Viktor Gaspar
    The Blackheart's Recording
    Delford Abbey
    The Waterway Tunnel Part 2: Ground Quest
    Ranstall Keep
    Working the Mines (Loads oldscript.osm)
    After Dark
    Lord Gibson's Estate
    The Jewel of Ghandar
    Cragscright Prison
    The Bar
    The Box
    The House
    The Clocktower
    The Haunting
    The Cloisters of St. Lazarius
    The Golden Skull of Lord Frobb
    Lord Burkhard
    Mind Master
    The Throne Room
    The Builder's Hammer
    Ack! There's a Zombie in the Basement
    Reunion with Basso
    All Torc
    Thieves' Highway
    About Rats, a Spider and an Escape
    Snobs part 1
    Forbidden Rites
    First Day of Winter
    Four Weapons
    The Good Samaritan
    Ghost House / Haunted Hospital
    The Greyfeather Gems: Rodamill
    Dwelling Insanity
    Happy New Year Mr. Lambert
    Keeper of the Prophecies
    T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age
    Mech Bank
    Mysterious Invitation
    Rosaries are Red
    A Love Story II
    Forgotten Forest 2
    A Night in Rocksbourg: A New Beginning
    A Night in Rocksbourg: Discovery
    What a Drag!
    A.K.A. Noah
    Download T2FMDML

    To install, extract the contained T2FMDML folder directly into your root Thief 2 directory and add the string "T2FMDML" to your mod path located in the file "cam_mod.ini".
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    Excellent work. I'd long ago accepted that many older missions were just not going to work correctly ever again, but yet here we are!

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    Thank you so much for all the efforts you've put in this project

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    Amazing work guys - I am one of those who did struggle a bit trying to work out what to do, so all this now being part of T2Fix is a godsend.

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    Thanks to each of you for your work. This is great and much appreciated!

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    gam.dml not showing in FMs folder

    Could you please tell how to install using thief 2 fan mission selector? When i install a mission the gam.dml does not show in the FMs folder example C:\games 1\Thief 2\FMs\bathhouse.


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    You do not install using FM selector, placing in FMs folder or any other thief folder (unless manually installing).

    FMdml is a package that is now included in T2Fix.

    Download the latest T2Fix, link above, and tick the 'Thief 2 FM Fixes' box in the options box. The FMdml package will automatically apply all fixes (including any .gam files needed) to their respective missions.

    Ps. You won't see any .dml or .gam file installed by FMdml in any of your folders, it's all done via T2Fix behind the scenes.
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    pretty sure everything is automatic if you patch up with the latest T2Fix. you just do that, and you are done, no edits or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    pretty sure everything is automatic if you patch up with the latest T2Fix. you just do that, and you are done, no edits or anything.
    FMdml is an optional extra with T2Fix (just like T2Skies, Interactive candles, Thief Enhancement pack etc).
    You need to agree to the 'Thief 2 FM Fixes' in the options box when installing, but yes after that everything is automatic. 140 missions fixed and many many more to come.
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    Are you going to release updates to this mod from time to time? If so, an alternative individual distribution would be a good idea, I think.
    Assuming, that there won't be any updates to New Dark in the meantime, downloading newer version of T2Fix (v1.127b, c d etc...) would be an overkill for a mod that is less than 1Mb in size.

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    Jax will be intermittently releasing updates of the FMdml package, how often is a question for him, but the next set of missions we are working on are the 2006 missions, hopefully I'll have bug tested all of them before the end of this year and he will certainly be releasing an updated FMdml package then, if not before hand but either way any update to the package will will posted in this thread to keep you guys informed.

    You can install FMdml manually, there's a link to the manual d/l at the bottom of the OP.

    For manual installation all you need to do is extract the 7z file into your T2 folder and add T2FMDML to your mod path.

    To manually update an existing FMdml all you'll need to do is extract the new 7z file into your T2 folder and over-write any existing files.
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    BTW. this package is fleshing out what seems to be the main idea behind the dml feature. I think Le Corbeau should be proud of you guys! (we - the FMdml mod consuments - are anyway!). And maybe, this will convince him, that the community is now ready for new toys... (as in, engine improvements!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    you need to add T2FMdml to your mod path
    that would be a rather odd choice - the patcher doing this automatically when the box is ticked would make much more sense. an omission maybe? can't check, I'm away from any decent computer for a couple of days.

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    Jax would need to give a specific answer why he set it up that way, but this way players have the option of disabling this mod more easily than having to re-installing T2Fx, just as you can with other mods such as HDmod, NecroAge etc...

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    T2FMDML is automatically added to the mod path if it is selected in T2Fix; no additional configuration is necessary. This is only required if installing the package manually.

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    This has been added to the FM Information Links thread. Thank you.

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