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Thread: T2FMDML: A Collection of NewDark Thief 2 FM Fixes

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    share the logs and crashdumps (from your T2 folder).

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    Yes, logs would be helpful. Additionally, did you install T2FMDML manually or through T2Fix?

    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    One thing that was picked up recently by marbleman was there may be an issue with the secret counts as in some circumstances the campaign culminates the the secrets found over the whole of the campaign, something I never came across when testing but marbleman discovered and Jax was working on a fix prior to release of T2Fix/FMdml but only he can say whether those fixes were included in the latest release.
    To respond to this, a fix is still in the works but has not yet been deployed to the public

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    Loads correctly with my install and I know it also loaded correctly with marbleman, are you playing the ND compatible version, the dml's for this campaign were made for and only tested on that version though there shouldn't be any conflict on other versions including the HD and NecroAge versions.
    It works on T2XNecro, and I did have the ND version, but it can't have been the recentmost one, as the one you linked to had a different file size than mine. Once I tried with the newest one, it worked fine.

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    The other commonly available file is T2X_1.1 which is usually said to be ND compatible but I'm not 100% sure it is ND compatible. The file Ricebug released for ND is just called T2X but is not available on all d/l sites.

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