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Thread: New Program: BinMaster - GUI for Free the Objects

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    New Program: BinMaster - GUI for Free the Objects

    In 2013 I wrote the elegantly named Dark Engine Object Converter Interface, or DEOCI, a GUI program for using Shadowspawn's Free the Objects Toolkit. It also helped with file and folder management and texture conversion. DEOCI converted objects to .3ds, but the latest version of Blender doesn't support that format (the import/export addon is not compatible and may never get updated) (see here for a Blender 2.8 addon for importing .e files and exporting .bin files)

    I intended to modify DEOCI to allow it to stop at the .e file stage, but it looked like it would be quite messy to implement, so I started from scratch.

    BinMaster is the replacement for DEOCI, and gives you the choice of converting to .3ds or .e. Some things have been simplified, e.g. it works out for itself whether to look in mesh or obj.crf, so once the initial setup is done you should only need to change the object and output folders.

    All inputs are saved. You can right click on them to remove old items if you like to keep things tidy.

    Download 1.0.2
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    Download link doesn't work.

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    I thought that 'null' text looked odd. Try this:

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    Oh wow this looks very useful, thank you R Soul!

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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    bintoe could not convert Soul Tear's bed. Could be too high poly or too much detail in one part which causes an error (mostly a guess)
    Christine's bed converted but could not be loaded. I converted to 3ds and tried to load it in Anim8or.

    One of the beds from Rose Cottage converted to 3ds but in Anim8or the materials were wrong.

    I've remembered a difference with BinMaster: After calling bintoe it reads the e file to find the textures. Much more reliable than DEOCI which scanned the bin file.

    Further discussion should take place in the BinMaster thread, and it's important to try doing the conversion manually from the command line to see if that works. If you get the same results doing it the old way, the problem lies with the .bin file format and object complexity.
    Weekend over, will start working back on this. Thank you that is awesome info. I'll see what I can find out. Thanks again!

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    Minor update to this program. I found that it wasn't converted textures with a "-" in the filename, so I changed the code find the filenames slightly differently. Seems to work fine now. Download link in the first post.

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