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Thread: Square Enix Forums?

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    What even is Thief to Square-Enix anymore? I already went over the only reason it turned a profit several times, so I'm wondering what Thief is to Square in 2019. I doubt they would sell it for pennies but I still wonder if it's something that would be viable for a company like Night Dive to purchase the rights to, and maybe just let Square have a small stake in the IP like they do with Hitman.

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    I just received this response from Square Enix following another customer support request:

    "Unfortunately, the official Square Enix Forums are currently deactivated. However, there are official forums for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. We currently have no further information on the Square Enix Forums, but you are welcome to leave any feedback, which will be forwarded to the appropriate parties.
    Thank you,
    Agent Kerry
    SQUARE ENIX Customer Support"

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    Just giving you all the steps of my conversation with Square Enix.

    "Thank you for your reply. Could you give me information on whether it is deactivated temporarily or permanently? If permanently, is there anywhere I can access an archive of those forums? There is a lot of important historical information in those threads and in posts therein that would be devastating to lose for many gaming fans. Especially archived threads from the old Eidos forums that Square Enix absorbed in 2014. If I could access the old threads then I could save at least some of the important information and it could be hosted and made available elsewhere for those interested. I just find it strange that it would be deactivated without anyone getting a chance of salvaging some of the information first. Hopefully you understand, and thank you again for your response and for your time."

    Square Enix:
    "At this point in time, it appears the forums are deactivated, whether temporary or permanent, has yet to be determined. We understand that there is quite a bit of information that would like to be recovered, but as of now, that is not possible due to the deactivation. The Support Center will follow up on this deactivation to see what can be done, and forward the feedback further to the appropriate department. We apologize, but not much more information can be garnered about this issue at this moment."

    At least their last response leaves me hope the forums will be reactivated at some point, or at least the information be made available.

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    At least it sounds like they didn't just wipe the server, although I still wouldn't hold out much hope of ever seeing it again.

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    Just bumping this thread to see if anyone has any more information on where the Square Enix forums have gone, or if there are archives of any of the older threads anywhere. I am in the process of salvaging the pages from the 'FMs Ghost/Perfect Thief Results' series, parts 3-7 (the others are complete). If anyone could help me search for cached copies or knows of any tricks in that regard, I would be eternally grateful.

    The following pages are still missing:
    Part 3 - Pages 1, 2 and 3
    Part 4 - Pages 2 and 3
    Part 5 - Pages 5, 7 and 8
    Part 6 - Pages 2, 4 and 7
    Part 7 - Pages 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

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