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Thread: TrapSMTrans and no knockout

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    TrapSMTrans and no knockout

    If i use TrapSMTrans and a scriptparams link with "slain" as data, and to a RAT, i could use that as a no kill objective. But, if i also want a no knockot, what can i put instead of "slain" in the data? Is it possible? I do tot want to use the trigslain and a CD link, because i want to use more cd links from the AI.

    I tried "damage" and that seemed to work
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    There's a special script which count the knockouts

    SpecialGoals 4
    miss4.osm 2
    Counts the number of AI that have been knocked-out. The total number of knockouts is the value of the quest variable DrSKnockout plus the number of times the message J'Accuse was received from an object that had the meta-property M-WasKnockedOut. When the knockout count exceeds a particular quest variable, then an appropriate objective is marked as "failed". The quest variable casualty_limit_0 is associated with objective 1, casualty_limit_1 with objective 2, and casualty_limit_2 with objective 3.

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    Ok thanks. Nice to know

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    I usually use the script TrigBrainDead in scenarios like this where I want to trigger something on either KO or death.

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    Yes, but i have another CD link who activates too, if i do that. Do not want that. Maybe i do something wrong. Anyway, its working.

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