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Thread: Thief 2 style controls in Thief 1?

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    Thief 2 style controls in Thief 1?

    So I'm playing Thief Gold _after_ Thief 2 and find the controls a tad frustrating in comparison.

    In Thief 2, I had W mapped to 'Walk Forward' which makes sense as, for most of the game, I'm not (and shouldn't) be running since it's a stealth. But when needed, by pressing Shift, which is mapped to the Run modifier, I can use Shift+W to speed up. So pretty much like most modern FPS games.

    However, in Thief 1, the speed modifier (this time called 'Speed Toggle') slows you down. Which means by default you really have to set W to run, then use the modifier (Shift+W) to walk. Which is more awkward as it means spending most of the game holding down Shift, then letting it go to run.

    You _can_ map separate 'walk' and 'run' keys but again this is obviously less natural.

    If there is a way in Thief 1 to have walk as the default and a way to hold down Shift to speed up, I'd love to know!


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    I don't quite know what you mean when you say "by default." By definition, there is one pre-specified default, and it's different across T1 and T2. However, you can just change it how you like once in the options menu, and save it as "My Binds" and it will apply to T1 and all T1 fan missions.

    Is this an acceptable solution? Or do you need something that makes it 'default' to some specific controls on a clean install?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trefoilknot View Post
    I don't quite know what you mean when you say "by default.
    What I mean is, that when I press the forward key (in this case, W) I walk, but when I use a speed modifier key such as Shift, I run. That is, the slower speed (walking) is the default speed, the modifier increases my speed.


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    I think "Thief Classic" control set (included with TFix) is what you want.

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    Default thief controls are

    x=walk backwards

    If you crouch you go about half as fast. Running while crouched is about as fast as walking while standing upright and walking while crouched is pretty darn slow. That gives you three distinct speeds without need for leaning on two keys at once. If I need to move in complete silence I crouch and use the 'ol "pump the S or W key not letting Garrett's footfalls register" trick. You can move at a walking upright pace using the W and not make a single sound. But you have to have the rhythm of the movement down pat or you'll get the odd OOPS! moment but that just adds a little adrenaline to action. Also knowing when to run is a key element of stealth play.

    Anyway, just my experience. Hope you get your keys in a happy place that works for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    I think "Thief Classic" control set (included with TFix) is what you want.
    Aha! Thank you, you're right. (Weirdly enough I don't even know how this control set should work as [Shift] is unbound yet it works as a walk-faster modifier.) But the main thing is that it works as I wanted (I was thrown by the name, assuming it would be more like the Thief 1 controls than the Thief 2 ones.)



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    Glad you sorted this out, but just to be clear and for future people finding this thread, you can completely customize your bindings through the menu as trefoilknot mentioned earlier.

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    I think this topic is more about what actions are available to the player, as opposed to how to bind keys to those actions.

    That said, I'm still not understanding this issue - are the speed toggle (T1) and run (T2) actions the same thing? Because they don't appear to be. The odd thing is that T1 only has two speeds for moving forward - run and walk. Yet when you are walking (the slower speed of the 2) and apply the "Speed Toggle" you actually go slower, not faster. The "Walk Forward Slowly" and "Creep" commands weren't introduced until T2, so I'm not sure what speed the "Speed Toggle" is assigning to the player in T1.

    Also, as oceanclub said, when he loads the "Thief Classic" controls, the Shift key is not assigned to any action, yet it somehow makes the player go faster. Not sure how that's possible either.

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    for some reason, you can't set it up normally from the ingame menu, so I have mapped it to the action manually by editing the bnd file.

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've done this: once you have the controls exactly how you like them in one game (TG/TDP/TMA), you can just copy the user.bnd to the other game or games to have identical controls in all NewDark Thief games. This is only if you're using NewDark, of course.

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    yeah, should work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post

    Also, as oceanclub said, when he loads the "Thief Classic" controls, the Shift key is not assigned to any action, yet it somehow makes the player go faster. Not sure how that's possible either.
    Yup - I mean, just to be clear, I know how to bind keys in a game, I'm only a gamer 37 years. The bit I couldn't figure out was how to make Shift = 'modify speed to go faster'. The Thief Classic binding does that but without seeming to have a visible definition of the Shift key in it. But it works, that's the main thing I guess!


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    Yeah, this issue has been driving me bonkers recently, too. (It's been a long time since I played Thief Gold.)

    I really liked how in T2 I could walk by default, and then while pressing 'w' to walk, hold SHIFT to run; and then let go of SHIFT to walk again. As well, while crouched, 'w' would be a creep speed, but holding SHIFT while pressing 'w' would be a little faster creep speed... then let go of SHIFT, and it goes back to normal creep speed.

    I absolutely could not replicate these controls in the 'customize controls' section of Thief Gold (TFix/NewDark/HD), no matter how hard I tried and no matter how many in-game menu combinations I tried :P

    For anyone else who has this issue in the future and doesn't want to switch to "Thief Classic" bindings to solve this because you've maybe already set up custom controls that you don't want to have to re-customize...

    1) Open with 'Notepad' your personal bindings (.bnd) file located in the install path of your Thief Gold game. (Mine was "cfg0006.nbd" located in "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\thief_gold\SAVES")
    2) Add this line into the code, without quotes: "bind shift +runon"
    3) Save the doc and close Notepad
    4) Launch the game and go to the Customize Controls area
    5) Remove/clear any bindings you have for "Run Forward"
    6) Remove/clear any bindings you have for "Speed Toggle"
    7) Bind the 'w' key to "Walk Forward"
    8) Save bindings
    9) Load mission and rejoice in having Thief 2-like walk/run controls!!

    Thanks to voodoo47 for advising on what would fix the issue. I just dove into that 'Thief Classic' bindings file and figured out what key element was missing from my personal .bnd file. My file didn't have a "runon" entry at all. Glad I found this thread.

    PS: As a quick note, if the above doesn't work for you, someone on Steam advises to delete the "+" symbol from the "bind shift +runon" line; so it would read "bind shift runon" instead. Doing that does not work for me (at least it didn't in my earlier tests)... but you're welcome to try.

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    As another possible solution, Won't capslock toggle between walk-by-default and run-by-default, on the fly?

    I have loaded a T2 keybinds set into T1, and it appeared to work just fine.

    In fact it even gave Garrett the T2 mechanical eye. I could now zoom in and out in T1, using my T2 zoom keys

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