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Thread: Happy Birthday, Random_Taffer!

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    Happy Birthday, Random_Taffer!

    Happy Birthday, Rob!

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    Happy Birthday, R_T!

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    Kind regards to you, stay a taffer as you are!

    //... aus dem Weinkeller gefaxt mit einem Novizen-S5 //

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Rob!

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    Hey Rob, here's some Cake for your birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Hope it's a great one.

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    Happy Birthday Random_Taffer!!

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    Happies birthdays, yous sneeksy theifsy

    Now, enjoy this random sketch I found when looking for a pagan image to accompany this post.

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    Happy birthday. Have a nice day.

    Enviado desde mi F8331 mediante Tapatalk

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    Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!

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    Happy Birthday, Rob! I hope your "present" arrived on time.

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    Thanks, taffers!

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    Happy belated birthday, Rob!

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    Happy Birthday my friend, have a nice day.

    Enviado desde mi F8331 mediante Tapatalk

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