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Thread: Infinite voice lines

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    Infinite voice lines

    Am I the only one who has been playing Thief for years but still every now and then hears AI lines that they could swear they have never heard before?

    Like today in Thief II for example, I heard the gruff-voiced guard say 'come out buddy'. I cannot remember ever hearing a guard use the word "buddy" before.

    On another note, is there a scarier human AI than the female mechanist? She is just so menacing.

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    Its not surprising considering the majority of the resources are wav files. vguard1 has one line where he says "come on buddy, I hear ya."

    I've played Thief for years and I never came across every scenario to hear every schema, but you can hear them all if you load snd.crf into winzip and listen to one wav after the next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john9818a View Post
    Its not surprising considering the majority of the resources are wav files.
    What does this even mean? Would it be more surprising if they were AIFF files?

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    It means not counting ambients, considering how much audio content there is in the game it would take a long time to hear everything unless someone played continuously.

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    Ambients are also WAV files. Still have no idea what you meant by that.

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    1. Some voice lines are more or less random. There are up to 15 lines possible for a voice schema - most schemas have just 3 possible lines.
    2. Some voice lines depends on the situation. For example a guard yelling: "If he's dead, you wish you were!". You only get this if you carry a body and get spotted by a guard.

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    I am wwondering if some lines are weighted so that they will be less likely to be chosen than others? Or is the line chosen from a pool of equally-likely lines?

    Since I last posted on this thread I have heard another line I can't remember hearing before.

    I know I have heard the female mechanist, when spotting me, shout lines such as "A weed has sprouted!", "Prepare for thy stomping weed!" & "I am fuelled by the fires of the Builder himself!", hundreds of times.

    Yet a few days ago in the Lost City she shouted "As the wrongful live, so shall they die!"

    Hence my speculation as to whether some lines are intended to be chosen only rarely?

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    Based on the voice file transcriptions on the Thief Wiki, the "wrongful" line is only said when the female Mechanist attacks you, as opposed to the other lines you mentioned which are said when the other female Mechanist rises to alert level 3 or chases after you.

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