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Thread: Texture double duty will screw anything up?

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    Texture double duty will screw anything up?

    I'm using some textures from other missions because they helped me get rid of mouldings and such to reduce cell count.

    Well, one of them I thought looked good for wallpaper, which it was intended for.

    I also liked it as a carpet texture, as long as I aligned it so the white mouldings top and bottom don't show. Of course, under your feet it doesn't sound like carpet.

    So I dragged a copy of it to desktop. I'll tell you it's mp_wall1. I did nothing to it. I just renamed the desktop copy to mpwal1ac. The "ac" reminds me that's the one for carpet, ac..."as carpet".

    So anyway, I just renamed it, stuck it back in the mp_walpapr folder, and then opened dromed and did "Add Family". So it showed up under the texture hierarchy unplaced, and I dragged it to carpet textures instead of wallpaper textures. Now the footfalls sound like carpet when I use the "ac" texture. It's now the same texture with two different names in two places in the hierarchy.

    So this isn't going to screw anything up down the road, is it? Dromed has no idea they are the exact same texture right? I won't blow up like the android in Original Star Trek?
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    Different name=different texture for DromEd, no issue.

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    Thanks Unna,

    I sort of figured it would be ok, I just wanted to make sure before I moved on and got bit in the ass weeks from now over it.

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