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Thread: Clear Sky worth a play?

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    Clear Sky worth a play?

    I have finished COP, and SOC, and now enjoying SOC again with oblivion lost, but I am kind of hesitant on Clear Sky, since I heard lots of mixed reviews, such as lots of bugs, weak upgrade system, etc.. but I did listen to it is prequel to SOC in storywise, and it explains bit of Sterlok's past, which got me curious about it. So, is Clear Sky buggy and wrong as everyone says (my friend on APKNite also says that)? Or is it worth a play? If it worth a play, can anyone suggest some mods so I can play with it a bit more after I finish the game? Thanks

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    It was an absolute horror show when it was released, but since then what hasn't been patched you can find mods to fix. I'd certainly recommend giving it a go as you can pick it up dirt cheap these days.

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    Once you grab the fixes and mod it a bit then 100% give it ago.

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    I am playing it for the first time, and what makes this insanely difficult game playable is this "Object Spawning" cheat I found on ModDB.

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