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Thread: Disable AI block

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    Disable AI block

    I wanted to post this for future reference... I didn't think it made sense that a weaponless AI could still block sword swings, so I discovered that setting the AI -> Attributes -> Defenses to Null will prevent AI from blocking.

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    Good find, thanks John!

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    Thanks Russ. One thing I didn't consider is if the player still chooses to block, but personally I rarely use the sword block.

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    So what if the player blocks? The player can do lots of things the AIs can't.

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    When the player blocks he can hear the sound of two swords sliding against each other. This wouldn't make sense if the AI has no sword.

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    I can edit that wav for you if this is your setup. Maybe a whole new sound actually, something like a sword vibrating like it's being smacked. A thuddy reverberation of sorts. Hmm I actually have a sword here, I wonder how nice a Galaxy S10 recording of it would sound like.

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    Well the sword block schema has several wav files inckuding one or two like you described Gamophyte. You could post some new wavs in case anyone wants to use them.

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