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Thread: Your favourite top 10 albums

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    Yeah, I like Donald Fagen's solo albums too. I haven't listened to Walter's yet though.

    And Gryz, not sure these fit your tastes, but here's a few more that I like to play for the bass:

    The album Cross by Justice is full of funky synth bass tracks. Try One Minute to Midnight, Waters of Nazareth, Genisis. The overall vibe of this album is kind of dark and tense. I wouldn't call it metal, but it's definitely heavier than most EDM.

    Patricia Barber - Postmodern Blues, and Company. Both tracks from album Modern Cool. Postmodern Blues has a great acoustic bass solo with some deep open notes. Company is more about dynamics. Really well recorded stuff. I'm a fan of her bass player Michael Arnopol.

    The Telarc recording of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture by the Cincinnati Pops features cannon shots with a lot of dynamic range. If your sub is well integrated with your speakers, they have some impressive impact.

    Among the mainstream pop/rock albums I have:
    Dark Side of the Moon has those heartbeats which will work out a subwoofer.
    Daft Punk has some good stuff. Everyone knows Random Access Memories, but Tron: Legacy Reconfigured is a not so well know gem. It's an album of guest remixes of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.
    My wife is a big Madonna fan, and I'm mostly ambivalent about her music, but I do like the Ray of Light album and there's some decent bass on it. Power of Goodbye and Drowned World/Substitute for Love are good bass tracks.

    I'm avoiding the elephant in the room, dubstep, only because I'm not much of fan and wouldn't know what to recommend. There's so many choices out there, I could probably write on for hours. I suggest you search some audio forums because this topic is a common one.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've listened to a few songs. I need to figure out where to get the others (with a good soundquality, aka flac). The songs I posted as examples have really heavy bass, so heavy that when I play those songs, stuff in my living room starts to resonate. Regular songs with just a pronounced bass usually don't do that. It needs to be a bit stronger. It seems there aren't that many songs like that, even dance music. I had hoped newer music would have heavier bass, because: 1) it seems easier to produce lower frequences when working with synthesyzers and computers, and 2) recording technology got a lot better/cheaper over the last decades.

    But anyway, I'll check out every suggestion. It's fun to hear what my new subwoofer is capable of. Thanks again.

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    I have no idea if itís your kind of music, but two songs I know that will give your sub a nice workout are Future by Adam Beyer (techno) and especially the old The Prodigy track Full Throttle.

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    Here's another, and no, you don't need a FLAC file to get deep bass:

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    The newer Aphex Twin albums also have ridiculous bass:

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    Since this has now gone from low bass to, apparently, bass bass, I'm just going to mention that 65daysofstatic has some excellent shit, and there's bass going on too though maybe not in that low-pitched synth that resonates in the pit of your stomach and sends a wave of gooseflesh riding up your skin from the base of your spine to the nape of your neck and every part of you begins to tingle kind of way -- but it doesn't have to to use bass well.

    I'd recommend the entire album that's from, Wild Light. Also, you can't go wrong with some old Perdition City Ulver.
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