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Thread: A Good Gambler Knows When to Walk Away

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    A Good Gambler Knows When to Walk Away

    Well shit.

    Country Music Icon Kenny Rogers Dies at 81

    Edit: This makes me unreasonably sad today, but it's nice to hear that he went peacefully surrounded by his family.

    These days I'm particularly nostalgic for that time in the late '70s and early '80s, maybe the last time of innocence when TV stations could still have folk and country specials around Christmas time we'd watch with the family all assembled in the living room, like an actual event of the season, and it would be set in a comfy cabin in the mountains with a warm fireplace, a couple of muppets, and country icons like Kenny Rogers and John Denver and Dolly Parton crooning folk wisdom in a mellow voice, and we were reassured that everything is gonna be okay.
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    He just dropped in to see what condition his condition was in, for one last time.

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    So sorry to hear that he's gone

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    Like I guess a lot of people my generation my first introduction to him was "Just dropped in" on the Big Lebowski soundtrack. After that I found one of his casettes in my parents' collection and listened to it a lot in my first car. One of my first introductions to country music, and really made me appreciate this kinda overly-sincere, cheesy, wonderful stuff.


    Rest in peace, Kenny. Thanks for all the great tunes!

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