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Thread: New Playstyle - Pathfinder's Challenge

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    Keyla the Otter
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    New Playstyle - Pathfinder's Challenge

    A Pathfinder's Challenge is a playstyle of Thief: The Dark Project or Thief 2: The Metal Age, with a specific goal in mind.

    Summary: Players must dedicate a set amount of time (according to the save file timer) to playing a Thief mission and use that time to learn as much about the map as possible. Typically 1-3 hours.
    Common goals include:

    * Finding the safest or shortest path to completing the mission objectives.
    * Studying and memorizing AI patrol patterns.
    * Learning ways to manipulate or use the environment to save on equipment use. (Examples: Luring opposing NPCs to each other and making them fight, using throwable hammers to eliminate targets)
    * Cataloging items or equipment found on the map (arrows, mines, flashbombs, other inventory items)

    Rules and restrictions:

    1: Saving and reloading is allowed but the challenge is only complete when the save file timer reads a specified amount of time or more.

    2: Players cannot complete the mission during the Pathfinder's Challenge. Stopping and starting back up again at a later time or date is allowed.

    3: Players cannot knock out, kill, or otherwise incapacitate NPCs or creatures during the first hour.

    4: Players cannot be directly responsible for alerting any NPC past Stage 2 or be spotted and identified as a threat. (Stage 2 is when an NPC starts investigating but hasn't quite spotted you yet) Plot-driven chases, armed conflict between opposing NPCs, and situations like the temple alarm in Undercover do not count against you, for certain things can't be avoided.

    This challenge is great for blind or first-time playthroughs of Thief missions but it can be used at any time!

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    I did not know that is new
    I've played that way before especially with new fan missions :3

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    Keyla the Otter
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    @ Garrett TMT - Yeah well it's up there now.

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