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Thread: reskinable alphabet?

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    reskinable alphabet?

    Is there such a set of custom objects? Maybe in a couple different fonts? Kind of like nicked's BANK sign. Three dimensional, individual letter objects, allowing you to spell anything on the side of any building. One you could reskin brass and spell "Parker Apts.", another 3d font you could reskin silver and spell a different building name on the wall, etc. Each letter being its own object, resizable and reskinable.

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    Although you wouldn't get the true 3D effect you're looking for, it would be much simpler and save a lot of objects to just make a custom texture of the signage you need, and 3D could be approximated pretty well with shading and beveling in the texture. However to answer your question, I don't know of any custom letter objects.

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    Yeah, I'm probably going to have to do that, but just a couple of signs in 3d would be cool.

    Anyway, object makers.....hintadee hint hint...?

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    An easy way to make a custom texture might be using a software like Ulead Cool3D which can generate any kind of 3D effect letters. Those letters on a black (transparent) background could be a simple solution.
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    I don't read German, but are those animated letters?

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